IT world Low to high

The IT industry is evolving rapidly , in the next five years. An UG,PG degree in CS will be incresingly commoditised.Against this backdrop , an M.Tech degree provides the much- needed differentiation. From my point of view a PG degree in IT is very essential for upcoming aspirants, either u chose Regular or ODL system u have to be good in Technology. First if u are doing B.Tech then go for M.Tech and if U r doing BCA then go for MCA. MCA is equivalent to B.Tech but for saying U r PG student for all.
 U know a Computer scientist would come up with lot of innovations and can enhance associated algorithm and for that u have to grab all concepts of Computer Science and Try to focus on Outputs.
For eg, in a DBMS course at UG level is sufficient for understanding of basics but at PG level includes mathematical concepts in the design and query language/concept.
Where You Can Focus???????
  1. Computing Techniques
  2. Security Systems and Application
  3. Web Programming
  4. E- Commerce
  5. Database Language
  6. Data Structure and Algorithm
  7. Design of OS
  8. Mobile Computing
  9. Networking
  10. System Software and Compilers
  11. Multimedia communications
  12. Big Data Analysis
  13. Web applications Development
  14. Software Enginnering
  15. Computer Languages like JAVA
  16. Android Apps(NEW)
  17. Windows Store apps