The Big Deal About E-Jobs

Hot jobs r  running around the world in every field, we just need to figure out . One of the areas where we can get high salary package is E-Commerce where fresher level to Experience  level we have lots of high.  you need 10 things to land an E- Commerce Job
  1. Ability to thrive in a challenging environment
  2. Ability to understand and prepare business cases
  3. Adaptability to change
  4. Clear and uncluttered thinking
  5.  Customer obsession
  6. Execution oriented 
  7. Ability to innovate
  8. Confidante nature. 
  9. Knowledge of search engine optimisation
  10. logistics management
  11. Ownership.
  12. Effective coding skills
  13. Don't be afraid of failures, It will give you lot of lessons.
I firmly believe that as we expand and grow in the country, talented engineers, and MBAs from good institute and if they have ability to change the world according to their  requirement they would survive in the last and may be rule the world.
We need good engineers , developers, technicians  and analyst and many  more . It dose not affect any one from where you are, it affects where you want to reach.