A Typical B.Com Courses Scope:

U know Business and commerce drive and connect the world 24/7 - through goods and services produced, traded and consumed day in and day out across the globe. I m here once again to give u a chance to explore the world for U and for commerce students....
  1. Business Economics: First area is economics of business . This area covers the concepts of laws of demand and supply , law of returns, elasticity and the theory of pricing under different market forms.
  2. Financial Accounting: It deals with the preparation of profit and loss statements, balance sheets and final accounts of a company, knowledge of Indian and international accounting standards , calculation of depreciation and values of shares and goodwill of a company.
  3. Cost Accounting: It includes making an account of process , job and contract costing , costing of over heads , standard and variance costing and budgetary control.
  4. Income Tax: It encompasses the nature and basis of charging income tax, fundamentals of tax planning, tax deduction , non- taxable income , among others. 
  5. Audit: It involves vouching, valuation and verification of transactions , assests and liabilities. 
  6. Business Law: It focuses on various laws in India like the Companies act and the consumer Protection Act, etc.
  7. Marketing: It deals with various aspects of products.
 After 12th :
  •  B.Com with specializations in accountancy and finance/banking and insurance. 
  • BCom with CA/CS
  • Bachelor of Business Economics
So finally we conclude that there are lot of opportunity to get into the service sector of INDIA.
Having said that , to a large extent , the choice would depend on one's abilities , interests and long- term goals.