1500 to 200crores- Quickheal Technologies Pvt Ltd

Once again I m here to give u latest and motivational story of Kailash Katka.
He is chairman of Quick Heal Technologies who stated his venture with a seed capital of mearge Rs 15000 in the year, has clocked a turnover of around  Rs200crores last year and employs more than 650 people today.
When kailash katkar was barely 19 years old, he decide to leave his studies and do something to support his family. Being the eldest born in the family, after completing my matriculation I decided to look for employment.
First I took up a job at a radio repairing shop which would pay him around rs 1500 per month and i have learnt how to repairs calculators and radios and besides i even learnt how to maintain books of account and even did accounting entries. 
by the year 1990, Katkar sir had saved around Rs15000 from his salary and set up his own shop for electronic repair outlet.First year i earned 45000.
Next i move to computer field where i decide to repair and maintain computer in initial level. On my insistence , my younger brother started working on a basic model of antivirus software. I started using the software for my customers and even sold it to other vendors for of Rs700 . The software which was named Quick Heal was one of the cheapest software the vendors could find in the market and soon became a big Hit.
Next Level: In the year 1995-96 my turnover was 4.5lakhs annually and zoomed three times in the next year.
In 1998 , we establish our own firm in pune.From 2005-06, Katkar began adding more products along with antivirus solutions. Last year we had a turnover (2014) of around Rs 200 crore plus and have our presence in nerly 50 countries. Today we have more than 600 people working for us directly and we do hope that in the coming years, we able to add more products to our kitty and have our own offices in other counties as well.