A girl Without Light

Hello Friends I m once again here with u with new story n new content basically real story of my life..

Instead of story I must say it’s an incident of my life which has changed lot of perception  about life .. In this story our hero or I must say Heroine is Miss. Kajal.(She is Visually Handicapped)
Last week I was in burari, near Jahangirpuri one of the backward kind of area .
I was there for my UGC NET exam and when I completed two exams , I left the centre and already quit UGC Net , looking for something else in my life.
I was traveling in bus and my stoppage was Vishvidayal Metro station. When I reached Metro station, conductor of bus told me that please help this girl and dropped her near metro station.
This grl is the Heroine of this story . Her name is Kajal and she is Visually handicapped may be 60%.
But she has enormous will power,  dedication and from her u can learn lot of things. I started to talk her but she was not comfortable so I decided to keep trying and may b some faith will develop and in last I can say that ha kuch toh bharosa ussay hua hi hoga..
So lets start journey I passed her to detector machine said her “cross this detector  and she moved ” but she has carried the bag and police stopped her so once again I helped her took her bag and cross the detector .
She gave me 30 rs to brought a ticket for her from vishvidayal to Noida city center.
I did it den she told me bhaiya hold my hand and we moved forward to platform then v took metro and Moved to our destination station Rajiv chowk.
Mai vaha se utra and I saw nobody was helping her to move to Rajiv chowk station to Noida city center platform.
Once again I approached  her told her come with me n then I ask why were u going to noida city center .??
She said I have an interview there that’s why I m going.  I was in so much shocked that we cant imagine our life without light for a minute and she was carry her life so beautifully . U know I cracked lot of jokes but she did not laugh. We are in very high prolific technology world but we cant help her seriously yaar sab kuch beamaani hai.
Ok lets back to our story I reached to platform which is same for vaishali n noida city center. Now 
I asked numerous girl who was going for noida city center N one grl said yes den I handed over Kajal  to that  grl and get back to my Vaishali tarf wali meto but u know all the tym I was thinking about her…
U know My student Summit always give me excuses for not completing work dis one is for him. U know last week Ira who topped IAS exam she is also Physical handicapped but She is a topper of India’s No. 1 exam . I just want to say and advice my students just look into ur work u will get whatever u want nai toh some other way u will get but in last satisfaction is more important than any thing else .This blog is belong to me . I don’t want to hurt anyone if its so I apologized.  This is author views and related to here completely. We don’t wok but we r dreaming of a bright future nothing comes very easily . All my frnd and family are thinking the what next but neither they think wht is in our hand nor they cared so first care about present than think about Future bye tc..This blog will help u my Student Mr. Varun.


  1. Heart touching story but very inspiring for life.... Thanks to share it sir..

  2. Heart touching story but very inspiring for life.... Thanks to share it sir..


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