A good book is like a lover: My tribute to the greatest person who is not with us RIP Dr APJ Abdul KaLam:

Hello frnds , Starting from the base he is someone who found always book is our best frnd and they kept his promise to meet students and died when he was delivering the lecture. He was doing the most lovable thing which he likes to do most.. big Salute to the legend for me n many more who  always praised Mr Kalam.
I m a bibliophile in nature u know books our best frnd. In this blog i m writing my points and his points towards how to approach a book. Books will be with u always,  never complain . A good book is like a lover to whom u love most.. when someone asks me to recommend a good book I don’t know what to say its so strange for me to find the best book because each book has its own character and advantage and knowledge.  An intense engagement with a really good book is no less than a passionate affair, it engages the mind and emotions and distracts one from all else for the time it lasts and most important it leaves behind a vacuum, an ache of loneliness, loads of thoughts, and life changing lessons to be learnt like in recent time I m so much influenced by the movie BB 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'  may be  u too also affected by the movie. Something which engage u to think something where u r going,  what u want.. I m also working in the field of IT like designing websites N others  just because to complete and achieve my goals.
Not  every book can achieve this impact, but many do . wait u think its weird but if anyone opens the book to where I m reading it , i  feel violated , i really don’t like to share my books to anyone . I can suggest u lot of books but don’t ask me to borrow my book. U know when I read a good thought or a beautifully constructed sentence I like to keep down my book and savour the thought for quite some time. It gives me intense pleasure and i really enjoyed it. Today people don’t have time to read books , It gives me pains me to hear that the reading habit is dying out . For me , Mr Kalam sahab n many people like us always want to read book want to learn all the things n for that u need to study, u need to  read books and books. I want children to inculcate the habit of reading for all the conventional reasons- reading makes u smarter, more knowledgeable, improves vocabulary and writing skills, helps analytical thinking, is therapeutic, makes one empathetic, improves memory, reduces stress and prevents Alzheimer’s, but I also want them to read for the very reasons I enjoy it. I want them to feel the pleasure, the passion, the indulgence and the expansion of mind that a good read brings and I want them to know  and feel the silence that comes after ingesting a really good book
And yes,for all those who ask me to lend them my book after I m through with it , please understand it won't happen; at least , not for books  have engaged so intensly with.me.

So read books and enjoy each of the things because in last it give u that kind of knowledge where u can understand things very good mannert but without books & knowledge its not possible so have fun bye tc..
                                                                  (note: these are completely authors views, nothing personal)


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