SHOULD V need to worried about our future or not??

SHOULD V  need to worried about our future or not??
 Hi.. this's my new blog Hot Topic.. i have discussed some points here so lets find out.. Is it really worried about our future..??
 I dont know the exact answer obviously but its completely true that we have very very tough competition..
But competition b kissay?? .. with our frnds or with our best frnds or may be with  those thousands to whom we never met and dont know about him/her. But my point of view is very clear our competition It is with that "EXAM".. That challenged us lot that if u r capable than.. try to cleared me or crack with good rank....This think also applicable for job interviews becaz if u r talented nobody can stop u ever..ever forever..
I m not saying that I m very much settled or may be get everything what I want but  truth is truth but in reality i m happy..last some years I was so much disturbed but in last I came over all the burdens of expectations because I know my limitations .. carrying the burden of past regrets, present expectations and future dreams are really disturbing..are we true with ourself may b its so important find answer first..
I know sometime everything seems chaotic but one of this chaos will emerge order sooner or later . you will find your rightful place too. Remember Steve jobs told us about the unrelated stuff he stumbled through, only to realise later how it all came together to make future sense when he connected the dots back in time? This is exactly how it happens with most of us. Everything you do or have done has a place and meaning. Do not regret the past or the present . Believe in yourself and your present momemt both have the potential to grant you a great future.
We are looking for many things but in only two things matter most love and success . Success and love is what we all seek at every stage of life- u are no different. If u think this path will lead to success and love go for that but next question arise Is this the right path??.. u have to be courageous . whether its right or not u have to make it right in any case.May b its very important ..
Because there is no right or wrong way of living life. Most times we are as much as victims of circumstanced as we are the creators of our destiny. There is nothing wrong with either.
That is how life happens. It mostly takes care of itself. what u r doing its important u have to use 100% of urself. understand yourself and your triggers. Find what gives you a glow of happiness and sense of well being?? look for yourself in that direction. It may give you hint of your future occupation.
Believe in and be true with urself you will find urself very happy, satisfied successful and loved by many ones...So i find my answers u can too discuss..
Post comment and have fun tak care..
Happy Navratras to all of u....