Non IT Fields : Top Five field to pursue career..

Start from our basic ..
Food Technology and Science: It prepares students in the science of preservation and processing of agro and dairy products.The program includes crop physiology, principles of crop production, principles of crop production, principles of genetics statistical analysis and experimental design , food marketing etc.
One can also specialize in many fields.
Nanotechnology: This is an applied science of systems and device that have dimensions measured in nano meters with scales approaching molecular or atomic levels. Different sciences come together to study the microdesign of new products and devices with diverse applications. This is mostly offered as a postgraduate programme for pure science or engineering graduates.
Bioinformatics: It involves the use of computer technology to statistically analyse biological data. Courses cover topics such as molecular drug design, computer realted drug design, DNA fingerprinting , industrial enzymology and drug discovery , statistical analysis and applications in bioinformatics and clinical research. This enables students to assist researchers working in biology
Material Science: In this programme u will learn designing of different product include material ranging from lightweight vehicles to silicon microchips for computer . Students gain knowledge for the design , manufacture and applications of metals , alloys , ceramics , polymers, composites and biomaterials.
Working field like development of products for automobiles companies , human prosthetic, dental materials, computer hardware, electronics, household goods, utensils, etc.
 Clinical Research: This is the scientific study of the effects, risks, efficacy and benefits of a medicinal or cosmetic product. Course module include advanced molecular biology and chemistry with research. The practical component involves lab based formulations and side effects. This field has vast scope to pursue a career.
These are some fields to pursue a career rest is ur choice till den have fun bye tc..
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