Love Beyond Limitation-1

Hi This is my new story YA New Blog -> LOVE BEYOND LIMITATION. This is not my story or not anyone else,  this is just story and most important thing the love between Karan and Kesar.
Story Plot: Love is always with us if u luv some one desperately.
Story will tell u how luv can be happen beyond limitations. If u married , have kids , long stress life, numerous responsibilites but some one face will always make u happy so its  luve Beyond limitation  because their is nothing like vice versa.
This is completely different theory neither copied from anywhere nor related to me or anyone .This is just the story of Karan and Kesar and their unique type of luv….So starts..
Karan and Kesar were in same  in college and  like others they are  gud frnd,  classmate not so close n not so apart..Important things is both have their partners but stil they manage their frndship..
That’s Beginning of any relationship - Frndship
They met again n again once in a week or month. kabhi apne  partners ke sath toh kabhi separately and mange their frndship. They helped each other in studies and they discussed everything and their life , future, goals, ambitions  and then they realized one day their bonding is too gud but its not luv..because its beyond luv.
After some tym when college tym is over , all four went for their career and for that career Kesar and Karan ruined their luv relationship resp. They both alone but did not talk so much because of their ambition . After some tym one common frnd marriage Karan meet with Kesar Again...
And they started chat and conversation etc etc.. Kesar told him she is engaged but she also want to take some advice to u and den their relationship once again started. But that boy hurt Kesar and has called off the marriage  and once again kesar was alone her life. Here our hero Karan comes and helped her makethe things right for her and  do whatever she like and work really hard for her  happiness. She recognized but did not told Karan . Karan Too realized she was the one to whom he can spend his lyf but here destiny played his role.
In the heart, he also felt for her but never said because Karan's family never accept Kesar and he knows very well. And the same situation for kesar too.. But they  stayed together for their frndship , true care for each other  luv for each other. They try to look forward to their family problems but never cross the limit. Once again happiness come to her lyf that what karan wants. He knew he will loss her one day but before that day he wants only happiness for her . Karan  was busy in his career and  never force her to luv him or anything else despite he told her he has feeling for u but never wants to disappoint his family..
They both manage gud lyf after some tynm,  always luv each other even their spouse comprehend the bonding between them and never judge them because their luv was true, their feeling,  respect everything was gud for eachother  and here is the story plot they never married but their soul has already married that is luv beyond limitation.
In last Both  respect each othr and also respect their family decision and always maintain their  luv for each other n get success in their lyf. They luved till last,  never met again  and never separated n manage one thing that is  so called frndship..
Luv is beyond limitation -1
Ends here till den have fun bye tc..
All views are completely related to author..


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