Preparation for MCAT Medical Exam

Hi friends... This is an educational blog for whom those are looking for MCAT exam. if you are interested in MCAT means you are looking your career in medical line. MCAT means Medical College Admission Test. MCAT is an extensive exam because it’s an international exam for admissions into medical school in the United States, Canada, Australia and Caribbean Islands. It is designed by Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and administered by Pearson VUE. MCAT is conducted 25 times in a year in 21 countries. if you plan to take the exam, be prepared to spend the entire day at your testing site. MCAT takes seven and a half hours and comprises of 230 questions. The exam is computer based and conducted multiple times each year at hundreds of local test sites. MCAT Registration is available throughout the year. Each attempt at MCAT costs between $315 – 360, depending upon the region. MCAT assesses a candidate’s analysis, reasoning, psychological skills and knowledge of biological sys…

Chandrayaan-2: Proud for A nation

Happy Independence Day: We are celebrating our 73rd independence year. This blog is based on Patriotic theme. Before beginning, I would like to say that this blog is one of the best blog of mine. It completely content driven blog, there is nothing like assumptions and Imaginary. We, As A Indian struggle lot in our life everyday and this successfully launch brings very high satisfaction in our live. I knew that many people from different area feeling proud and some of them even don’t know about this. But As A Indian if we tell them what we achieved, they will definitely feel proud as a Person, as a Indian, as a Nation. This victory can’t be belonging to any particular party or politician. This victory completely belongs to our scientist and their team and its hard work. I have listened so many times “Modi hai toh mumkin hai” etc etc. But this time, we have to stand above from these types of slogans, mentality and cheap politics. Oppositions saying this project was sanctioned in out Gov…

That Moment I Realized..

Hi frnds.. My new blog that moment I realized what is love. Its basically giving you one of the most important aspect of love.  This storyis all about me kritika , my BF soham and our mutual friend aakash. This is not a love triangle , just a story what happend between us. You know We met someone and fallin love with that guy but is it  true love??  Is it what we expect from our lover and if  it is not then what is love. We all were in college , me and soham  were in a relationship from school and went to college with same passion but one day I ended up kissing another guy. It happened  I was a bit surprised by what happened, that kiss felt... right. So, what happened? After being with my boyfriend for over ten years, I had started to feel that I didn’t love him. I got more convinced about this when I became friends with Aakash. Aaksah is mutual friend of me and soham. We would spend time together, all day in college and after classes as well. Because his PG was near my flat, he woul…

Skills needed for future job market

Hi Friends.. My blog belongs to aspiring engineers and freshers. We are in crucial world. Govt is not going to do any thing for development or education. I have seen so much wastage of money in unnecessary things but they will not spend on money on education. We have to do our self for safe future.

An education that places an emphasis on imparting skills over rote learning and memorization is necessary to ensure that the youth are gainfully employed what follows are five important sections that will continue to be in high demand in the Indian job market in the years to come. This is the right time to develop your own skills to survive in this world. These engineers are highly paid and spending lot of time to learn new technologies. I have summarized my blog into some highly paid jobs and there future is more secure to anything else.
1. Coding:
Coding or programming in languages such as JS or python has consistently been a skill that is in high demand. Many companies in the past few ye…

CLAT 2019

Hi friends.. This blog is dedicated to those students who are going to appear in upcoming CLAT. CLAT means common law admission test. This test is basically for law students admission in various college across pan india. CLAT or Common Law Admission Test is a national level entrance exam organised by 21 NLUs on a rotational basis. It is held for admission to law courses offered by 21 NLUs and various private colleges and universities. Various PSUs also accept GATE scores for recruitment.
Law aspirants qualifying CLAT exam are eligible to secure admissions to the following programs:

BA LLB (Hons), BSc. LLB (Hons),
BBA LLB (Hons), BSW LLB (Hons) and
B. Com LLB (Hons)LLM
The undergraduate programs will be for five years.
The postgraduate program will be for one year.
Some useful tips I have mentioned below in my blog.
Every entrance examination is itself a fear among students whether after senior secondary or graduation to step ahead for the career. Like other entrance examinations such…

Made in Heaven

Hi friends,After a long time, I bring a new love story in front of you. This is story of Kishan and Siya and how they meet after 25 years of gap. It’s bitter truth that marriages already decided in heaven , that is the reason my blog name is Made in Heaven They were in school and going to college with strong friendship. They knew each other well and understand But there is caste difference. Kishan belongs to lower caste and Siya belongs to upper cast. After graduation Kishan was looking for job and want to marry Siya but destiny had some other plan for them. Siya’s family was never understand the relationship and they want Siya should marry some one their status and class and they did it. (As a kishan) She was love of my life. After some time, she was married to some other guy . I lost contact with her. I lost me. I have joined a government job by then but could not continue due to loneliness and resigned within a year . Spent all my money for 3 years. I was smoking like hell. I was tak…

Interview Learning Section

Hi Frnds.. We have completed 5 years last month. This blog is for freshers and will give you brief idea how to crack the interview. This is the best Ques Ans set which I have gone throughout my life. These are basically fundamental knowledge base questions. I am going to tell how to avoid silly mistakes and Answers them what they are really looking for.
Q1: Tell me about yourself A: Start with your name Give your born and brought up information Education in short Job experience if any or any training Family details in short Eg: My self Sourabh gupta, born and brought up in delhi. I am B.Tech graduate and M.Tech Post graduate. I have 2 years experience in Web development. I live with my family in Delhi.
Q2 : Why do you want to do work with our company? A: Tell them what you like about the company Relate it to your long term career goals Eg: Its a great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours. When i read about your company I found that my skills are matching your re…