What is a conversational AI

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One of the most significant developments in artificial intelligence (AI) is the development of tools that allow users to talk to a computer. This Can be a conversation over the phone , or an audio-visual interaction, a conversation with a humanoid robot, or even an interaction in virtual reality. The software and hardware tools that make this possible are collectively known as conversational AI.
What is a conversational AI
      It is a collection of toolboxes with the most important one being natural language processing (NLP). It is a set of techniques used to comprehend natural language text, such as English sentences, and also to produce responsive natural language text. Human – machine dialogue is created through joint text genera work.
     Modern NLP uses deep neural network for text understanding and production. Another set of techniques are used for speech processing to understand spoken words and to generate lifelike spoken text.
     Conversational AI also requires a knowledge base, a collection of organized information that is used to fashion the content of the response. How an organised knowledge base can be used to respond intelligently to questions was illustrated dramatically by the IBM Watson system when it convincingly won the challenge occasion against two human champions in the television game of “jeopardy!”other components of conversational AI include information retrieval, reasoning , and information retrieval , reasoning , and attention management.
          Its utility is increasing in many different domains. One of its principal business applications is in the field of customer support using telephone and text chat . chat bots are common in most business websites that help consumers search products or register complaints etc . human phone answering teams have been replaced by speaking chat bots. These chat bots can interact as human responders and are east to deploy in bulk. It can be equipped with local knowledge and language skills for better customer satisfaction. Sales bots are in its early stages but may replace sales team and will soon be used for selling products.
          A third major application is the use of email bots to organise and respond to email bots to organise and respond to email streams. Many business users employ email extensively and use autoresponders only to generate pre-programmed short sentences. This is likely to be a major application in the future.
          However, the most transformational use of conversational AI will be the redesign of computer’s human interface. Applications like Apple’s Siri , Amozon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s assistant already show us the way to the future. Used to keyboard and pointing devices to interact with a computer may become obsolete quite soon. The new interface will be an AI assistant that will taken the instructions just by saying ‘hey siri’ or something similar .
          It was be our window to our personal data, to the public internet, and to official entities like banks, government agencies, utilities, etc. we will take to  our assistant and it will talk back to us , and carry out our searches, online interactions, and processing, and our business and shopping activities.


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