Let''s make lots of MONEY

As per the survey of last week only 10% Indian University Graduates are capable of getting a good JOB.
Because we have lacked of skill students that's why we r not on the right path.. Degree is not the guarantee of your job its your knowledge and after that it will be your attitude that will help you to survive in this crucial WORLD!!!..
  1.  First is Quality Education
  2.  Knowledge
  3. Attitude
  4. Better Time Management(Trust me it's very very vital for u and any one..)
  5. Learning a new skills
  6. Power of Change.
  7.  Giving up the tomorrow wali habbit
  8. STEM skill is also important.
  9. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.
You know we all are using WHATSAPP in our phones . We knew what  WHATSAPP can do for us  but Do we know How WHATSAPP  Works????
  I m waitnig of any one reply,  who is reading this because whatsapp is brought by Facebook in Million Dollar Wo b iskea liy jo ki ek APPLICATION  hai nothing special but this is called the beauty of IT and may b u will be the next millionaire.. Til Then Bye tc..


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