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Open and Distance Learning System(ODL)

Hi readers, This time i am writing on rights and wrongs of ODL system. Once i visited IGNOU RC2 head office Rajghat. There were people who said that state any Open university is not equivalent to IGNOU because IGNOU is recognized by all over INDIA , even outside INDIA too. State Open University Degree is not valid any where except there own state. Around more than 30Lakh students enrolled already in state university from all over the INDIA and their future is in dark. I am also one of them. It is huge topic and can debate is not the solution.
Our Minister Manish Sisodia said in India , education is about rote learning and cramming only. He is right and promising us to deliver something new and faado. I m also aware of our education system either its related to school level or college level v r not good except some of the institutes and schools. I am also IIT GATE qualified and could get admission in any private or regular college but instead of that i choose KSOU for my M.Tech . I h…