BRAIN: Psychology of Human Life

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BRAIN: Psychology of Human Life

Most difficult part of our body nobody still can’t understand Brain. We used only 20% of it.. Baaki  KaBool jao..
Lets start with brain study called Psychology . U know Psychology is the study between the Brain, Environment and Human Behavior. Psychology is a discipline with enormous opportunities and diverse career paths.
Psychologists work in hospitals, schools, courtrooms, prisons, corporate offices, military and defense laboratories.
Specialized  Areas: Psychologists specialize in different fields. Apart from teaching and research , students specializing in the subject can work outside acdemics as well.
·         Clinical psychologists assess and treat emotional and behavioral disorders. They work independently or in hospitals or mental health setups.
·         Cognitive psychologists study the functioning of the mind : how people learn, memories, take decisions and solve problems. They work in research labs and collaborate with other  sub fields of psychology.
·         Industrial and organizational psychologists apply psychological principles to improve productivity, quality of work life, training and recruitment and all issues pertaining to human resources. They work in different organizations and research center.
·         Neuro psychologist study how the brain influences attention , memory,emotion and language by using various assessment tools as well as techniques like FMRI, PET and MRI .
·         School psychologists deal with day to day functioning of children in schools by assessing  and counseling children , parents and teachers.
·         Others areas like Educational psychologists work on principles of effective teaching and learning process and sports psychologists help players and athlete.
Means very vast areas covered in Psychology

Some Useful details regarding career  scope and Education..

Work Title
MA in psychology
Govt and Non govt organization like department of Education
Programme Offices , programme development implementation and evaluation
MA and MPhil in Psychology
Department of child and family welfare
Trainers for childcare and youth workers
Mphil clinical psychology
Mental health set-ups like Hospitals and Mental health institutions
Clinical psychologists: Assessment and Intervention/Therapy
Educational Institutions lioke Universities and research Organizationjs
Teaching at BA, MA, and ph D level
MA in psychology + Bed or BEIEd
Educational Institutions- Schools
Teaching at High School

5th september - Teacher's Day Special: Top 5 teachers my favorites..

1     1. APJ ABDUL KALAM: India’s  Missile man always wanted t be remembered as a good teacher. Teaching was a passion of the former president and he passed away while delivering a lecture at IIM Shillong. My favorite and Idol.
2    2. Sylvester Stallone:  The ‘Rocky’ and ‘Rambo’ star worked at the American College of Switzerland in Leysin as a gym teacher. Another favorite.
      3. Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook founder moonlights as a voluntary middle- school teacher in East Menlo Park, California, near the FB head Quarters, lecturing on how to build a business.
4    4 Rabindranath Tagore: The Nobel winner personally mentored students at Viswa Bharti, which he established in 1921. He invested his Nobel Prize money into the institute.
5    5.    JK Rowling: The harry potter author taught at the Encounter English School in Portugal. Its here that she wrote the first drafts of Harry Potter and is said to have modeled some of the characters on her teachers.


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