The Power of Self - Believe..

Hello everyone.. FIRST I want to wish U all  HAPPY NEW YEAR.  May this year will fulfil ur all wishes..

Hi all of U.. Once again i m back with another blog..I know u all are waiting but for good stuff, we need to wait ..

This is the story of POWER OF SELF BELIEVE..

Our hero is Mr. Roman Saini..He is by degree a  Doctor, worked as Assistant Collector of Jabalpur (IAS)
But now he is helping student . He is uploading lots of good study material regarding medical field, programming, civil services, and many more.
So what the story ..
He is just 24 year old and have earned lot but not his dream to provide good education, quality education. He has resigned after two years as Assistant collector of Jabalpur and ventured in an area where he may neither earn like a doctor nor like IAS officer. All he wants to do is to see students get pass the various academic xams that stand in the way of youthful ambitions. He is uploading lectures on his Unacademy platform on Youtube. For those aspiring to become doctors, civil servants, computer programmers, even experts in foreign languages too.
Ten of the unacademy ‘s followers have cleared the civil services exams and more than 1.1 crore views have videos .
He said He want to make quality education accessible. His focus is on making quality education.
He reckons that there is a massive need for technological intervention due to paucity of infrastructure and human resources to meet the demand of millions. That is why he decided to pursue fulltime the concept of Unacademy.
Just think yaar, foregoing an IAS future was not as easy as stating a vision and he goes so many Xray kind of internal churn. But in last his dream won , his passion won . He said”I have a lot of respect for the civil services, but I think education is what will drive the nation and that is in this sector”
The free youtube lectures have helped 10 others pass the tough civil services exam . They have all kind of experts from different fields like IITian,  Core science field, Physics specialists, French teacher and many more.
I also want to do work in the field of education.

Neither i m comparing nor i m copying his idea , i m doing my work in my style and yes i want to do and i will. I m ready to give my hundred % to my work that’s ultimate goal of my life.
I really want to help from the specialist who joined me in PUGS  Or will join me.. Our motive is very clear to provide the best shot in the field in which we r expert or v r working.
I really need u guys to make it till den bye tc have fun..


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