The Matter of Heart - Course Vs College

                      Hello students, Once again i m coming with new Blog--What really matters 


There are many courses and careers on offer but should one listen to their heart and choose a career based on passion and interest , or settle for a practical option that promises a good salary .
Me too faced this kind of stuff but never leave my passion because i cant live without it. I know very well  and i believe  one day my passion give me  all relief, happiness , satisfaction all those who can easily define my self which is more important for me . Its a paramount decision.
Mostly student want to do engineering from IIT . IIT have only 10000 seats but there are 2.9 crore jobs options we have,  so if u r not in IIT does not maen u r nothing everybody has its own kind of potential.
A person who is taking coaching classes for IIT but I f somebody ask him/his dream it may be or  may not be IIT...
The main reason behind is Indian society Because in Indian society, we are very depend upon our parents. We cant make decisions and if v take so lot of pressure from outside  we have to deal. In short The word is Fatto which is used for us because we cant stand by our decision..Does not matter that our decision is right or wrong??  we have to make it right in any case that should be our Focus .. One incident i m sharing with u
I met a person who did Btech from IIT , the 28 year old person now pursuing PH.D in Philosophy . The son of an engineer father, he finally realized where his interests lay.What matters is our efforts towards our goal nothing matter s after.that
U know freedom wale students get success more than traditional students. Follow your heart follow your passion is the mantra more and more parents and students are endorsing. Many students think this gives them flexibility, a good pay package, a’cool’ status and freedom at work. There is nothing wrong with this , but many dont know what their interests are. I have may friends who just want to go big companies, big MNCs but what they will do their even they dont know , they said whatever they will give to us we will do we do not have  our own choice, so for me they can earn , earn very good but there is a vital gap in their  life.
We need to manage our expectations . Everybody cannot study at premier institute. However, this does not mean there is other avenue worth considering. Many other than IIT have produced alumni making waves around the world the biggest example is CEO of Microsoft.
I m not saying just go with your passion only , there are other factors too who visualized your future.  Passion is good and positive only so long as it is supported by any reason and tempered by sharp vision and focus. Embrace your passion and stay in control. allow it to uplift you and give you a sense of purpose, but not to the exclusion of a sense of reality and reason because ultimate thing is get satisfaction and success in lyf.
 Students can try for other courses too. One must be ready to give 100% and always ready to take whatever comes with. Along with Passion, hard work , skills ,abilities and a positive attitude determine success and satisfaction. 
So here, I m ending with some useful thought which makes thing easy for u what to do??

The views are complexly related to author..Neither pointing to anyone nor want to force you to follow.  Thisis just the perception about Courses Vs College.


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