What is best for ur computer

Hi frnds .. Diwali is near and v r having a gud energy and enthusiasm as usual .
I wish you  a very happy Diwali and try to make it as a Indian diwali means buy Indian products not chinese. Forget ur egos and superiority waali problem because now- a-days everybody thinks I m superior to u . Once again I m telling you that i m  not a believer of comparisons but I m competent and I m not superior to u or anyone else.
I have seen lot of people having this problem I want to say just forget  it yaar. And another gud movie is coming that is DANGAL..so Ok get back to our Blog.
My blog is based on computer planning. How can v buy a good computer with gud quality products.??
This is a high time, everybody is very well known of technology but how these things are helpful to u that is depend upon u. If u have a computer and u r not using it as a gud resource of knowledge then its not the Microsoft or internet problem that is completely your problem.
Requirements for Computer:
Mother of a Board: The first thing you need is a good motherboard that will put everything together. Motherboard is the thing where v put our processor ,Ram and etc. Gigabyte product is gud for your motherboard.
Memory Machine: Our Memory machine that is RAM . Buy good RAM products of Simmtronics  etc .  Find the RAM slots on your motherboard and put it there. RAM should be more than 4GB because Computer is full of instructions  & number of instructions become Program so how fast ur instruction is executed by computer is depend upon RAM.  RAM means Random Access Memory.
Processor: Processor means heart of the computer. Everything is a part of computer but main part is Processor. Intel Processors are very famous in all among of them. U know like u have already listened that my processor is 2.6 GhZ and 3.5 Ghz . What is t means??
Means 2.6 * 230 instructions executed by computer per second so now u can understand what processor will faster and slower for U.
Hard Disk : Our brain where moments are stored that is hard disk. We can stored as many products as we want .
Buy 1TB hard disk that would be sufficient for U.
DVD Writer: when u need to store some data for permanent purpose u need to burn the DVD/CD so buy one DVD writer.
UPS: A pure backup is essential thing for ur computer . if suddenly power gone and  u need to save data and close computer n for that we need some backup  and it can be provied by UPS.
Desktop: Our main output machine is a monitor.
Input Devices : keyboard and mouse another important device.
Now - a days Wireless products  is very popular in computers.
Cabinet : A space where all things will be reside that is our Cabinet.
Power supply(SMPS):
Installing your power supply is pretty straightforward, if it came with your cabinet it was pre-installed and if you took it out earlier to get the motherboard in, now is the time to put it back.
  Now i m closing my blog..



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