Loving Zindagi

Hi frnds, This is the last blog of this year. It has been terrific year for me so much ups and down I have gone through but as we know Sab last mai thik ho hi jaata hia. U know this topic “Loving Zindagi ” will teach u very simple phenomena of how to get rid off your bad memories. Now-a-days people not having so much patience,  they are very short temper but it’s the way or may be their life experiences taught them. I mean to say if u are getting so much success and u r happy means no Problems but if its vice versa den it means u r in danger condition . May be its not necessary u may be good all the time or act like I  m happy or may be happy or not, does not matter what matters is your satisfaction , your good or bad memories.
Don’t let hate waste your time and disturb your inner peace for anything. I m telling u one thing if I m not happy with some one and I hated him very much it will also ruined my happiness but if I always remembered the best part , the loving part it will help me to grow, to explore the new things and may be I will be feel so much happiness in my mind and heart. I m going to tell you gud example like If you took some tomatoes and put it into one bag . Now U have to carry this bag with urself every time . wherever U go , u have to carry this bag.
After some time u will feel frustrated and complaing of the trouble that they had to go through because u were carrying one unnecessary heavy, smelly tomatoes bag everywhere.
Now this is the point . This is the same situation when you carry your hatred for somebody inside your heart. The stench of hatred will contaminate your heart and you will carry it with you wherever you go . If you can not tolerate the smell of  tomatoes for just few days, can you imagine what is it like to have the stench of hatred in your heart for your lifetime. So don’t let hate urself.
Now I m going to tell you one positive thing that u have to carry just positivism from everywhere u involved. Either it may be ur office with your work, in home with your kids and wife , outside with your friends anywhere u can find out positivism and your happiness.
Its most of the time depends upon you how u want to live.
So don’t let hate waste your valuable time and hamper your capabilities in life. Just hit it hard if it comes to you (life problems) because when there is problem so there should be some solution and this is life.
Wish you very Happy New Year 2017


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