Fight Tough Always : Never lose hope in lyf

Hi frnds.. once again I m coming with new blog. This is the combined story of one Buli Basumatary an National archery champion and Binay Kumar , A Navy Officer. They had faced  very struggle in their lyf but did not lose hope, Always fight.
She was an Archery Champion once but tym chnaged and now she is selling oranges in her state and living with her family. She said , she was picked up by talent scout as a class vii
from her school in 2003 . In 2005, she played national championship in the sub-junior category at Ajmer. She won two golds and one silver. In the following year she won another gold but the destiny have something else. She became ill in 2010 and unfortunately nobody cares . She have to come back to home and because of poor family her father could not do so much for her. Soon she married and became mother . They were also miserably poor and could not afford the equipment, Buli's husband is a daily wage earner and money was always short. About four years ago, i decided to sell oranges and i would make rs 200 daily . but her love for the game brought her out of home soon after her daughters grew up. She is now a coach of Assam Archery Squad.. hats off.. Do waht u love , love what u do.
Another one belongs to  Binay Kumar , A Navy Officer who faces the death very near and knew every moment is special in lyf.
Binay Kumar, a former Navy officer, experienced this trauma first-hand, but refused to give up on his spirit and determination to recover.

Binay Kumar is originally from Cuttack, Odisha, but has traveled across different states and mountain ranges on his bike in India.He has served in the Indian Navy, and is also a professional biker, with a permit to ride all over India.But an awful accident changed his life forever!

Binay was leading a group of four riders on a mountain range near Maharashtra.
The weather was pleasant and they were having another great experience.
But one day , A bus was moving towards them in thunderous speed. As the road on the mountains is narrow, there was little Binay could do. Binay, got hitting him on the head but
did not even lose complete consciousness for the difficult and painful 48-hour journey to the hospital.  He remembers his friends calling the ambulance, getting help from a nurse, and also admitting him in a hospital. Binay was confined to a wheelchair for two months after the surgeries and innumerable doctor visits. He had four surgeries, which put seven screws in his knees and two plates in his arm. The multiple fractures and torn ligaments in his knee needed 500 stitches.  For weeks together, he couldn’t even swallow food. The pain was so much that he could neither sleep, nor stay awake peacefully. Internally, he was breaking down. His parents looked devastated at the possibility that he might never walk normally again.
He is always a strong man, He knew that expressing his despair would only increase his parents’ ordeal. He convinced himself he needed to smile, and assured his parents he was fine.  He always told them that the accident was just a phase which would pass. He will be fine very soon. he fight , he fight very tough and the time changed now
Today, He has recovered considerably from the accident
He regularly exercises to get healthy sooner. He is truly an inspiration, surviving his horrific accident to emerge stronger.
 This is story and this is true , Any circumstances who make us weak , hit it back strongly .
Thanx till den have fun..


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