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IT Field Pros and Cons

Hello Frnds.. Once again I am coming with new Blog. This blog belongs to IT filed and others.
This is specifically give you some Pros and Cons of IT Field.
I don't want to dis respect anyone but its complete my views and related to me.
In India , As I told you in my previous blogs we are followers,  despite we have a greater educational system in India , established World first University in India but we are still followers because we simply thinks actually we does not think. We are in race and want to win it but whom we don't know. These some specific words i have listened so many times like i m getting more than you ya my company is more than this blah.. blah... Some thing Like this. I am going to tell you the real story behind every IT's worker life.

Its very simple to understand if we are not same , we are not accepting things as its or we are different on same things so how can we like the thing which somebody like but
We followed and then one day we will be there …