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Hello Frnds.. Once again I am coming with new Blog. This blog belongs to IT filed and others.
This is specifically give you some Pros and Cons of IT Field.
I don't want to dis respect anyone but its complete my views and related to me.
In India , As I told you in my previous blogs we are followers,  despite we have a greater educational system in India , established World first University in India but we are still followers because we simply thinks actually we does not think. We are in race and want to win it but whom we don't know. These some specific words i have listened so many times like i m getting more than you ya my company is more than this blah.. blah... Some thing Like this. I am going to tell you the real story behind every IT's worker life.

Its very simple to understand if we are not same , we are not accepting things as its or we are different on same things so how can we like the thing which somebody like but
We followed and then one day we will be there what somebody already achieved Is it what we want ?
May be yes or may no .Yes, it is tough and people outside IT don’t understand it. You can divide IT jobs in India in two categories,jobs in service based IT company (Infosys, TCS, Wipro etc.) or jobs in Indian subsidiary of a big product based company like Microsoft, Google.

Indian Service based companies:

 You start with a crappy salary. People join these companies just in a hope to go to onsite someday.
 It is very hard to get time for managing things. The only option is the hope when we will be free from company work or other thing.  I don't want to compare other field jobs to IT but this is very simple fact that if you are doing a job in AC office and getting a salary on time so its very easy but truth is not like that. Many of us thing its easy and some other will not agree with me but I m just sharing my experience.   
 Managers in such companies expect you to work 24*7. My lead used to give me work at 7 PM in the evening also and  the manager use to ask the team to come on weekends ( except women employees). There used to be many people working on weekends. I tried to go early to the office like at 8 AM in the hope of leaving by 6–7 PM but it never happened. My friends also had similar experiences in other companies. As you are always busy with office work, you don’t have life and will never make friends outside your company. Good work is almost non existent. people do lots of repetitive work and when you suggest improvements, people will start talking about processes. Everybody outside work think you as a money making machines, your landlord, auto drivers, shopkeepers, think that you are making easy money and they want their cut. Your friends and relatives and friends ( who are not in IT) will think that you are doing world’s easiest job sitting in AC office, playing computer games and making tons of money.Whenever you talk about vacation, manager will say that take  when load in project is less or when you are on bench but unfortunately festivals, weddings, birthday of parents does not  fall according to that schedule. Also if you are from north and working in south then it is worse as train journey to home town will take more than 24 hours and you cannot afford flight.  You are just a resource for them. They will talk about you as if you were a property and not human being. In meetings you will hear lead saying, I have 2–3 resources ( they will treat you also like resources).

Product based Companies:

Most of the above problems does not exists or exist to a lesser degree in product based companies. Product based companies have different set of problems.You will find limited opportunities in India. If you plan to go to HQ in US then you have to go through lengthy immigration process which never ends.People don’t expect you to work 24*7 but still leaving at 6 PM will still be dream. Work is always challenging and you always need to be on top of your game. You are always learning new technologies.

At the end, nothing in life is easy and every field has its own set of problems which only people in those fields know. If IT has disadvantages, it has it’s own set of advantages also  . My first job was in an Indian service based company and it was very special to me. Indian service based companies created jobs for millions of people and I am really grateful for that. I enjoy my work each and every day, it gives me lots of satisfaction and my passion for technology out weighs everything else. IT job is definitely stressful and tough so don’t think that we make easy money. we have our own challenges. respect software engineers.

I am just giving my honest opinion and I mentioned that every field has it’s own problem so you can not runaway from problems. I am not comparing IT with any other fields. One fields has one set of problems and
other field has other set of problems.  now I sit in AC office but I am still exhausted at the end of the day because I try to solve really tough problems daily which takes lots of mental energy. But last i find out one good solution for myself because i have to do 4 -5 things simultaneously like job , personal life, my dream, my shop work , teaching etc. Time management is the best way to get out of this situation. Do what you love and love what you do. Its simple. Respect your job because its giving you everything and  respect others , it will give you peace .



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