My Story : Trip to Nanital With DJ

Hello Frnds..This blog belongs to my Trip to Nanital with my Wife.  My first trip with my wife Deepa Gupta and my elder brother’s family. It started 12 June to 15 June. It was a memorable trip for me and obviously for others. I got one lesson and it will be with me forever. Most of us know that traveling can improve our perspectives in life. It is safe to say that it is your ticket to your better selves.  Now, if you are traveling with someone else, chances are –  you would grow together, making your bond stronger than ever. I am going to tell you the trip story and hope u like it..

12 June 2017: It started from Shatabdi express to Kathgodam. My Mom and Dad left us on NDLS early morning.  Me with my wife and my brother’s family all were very excited about the trip. It has been important journey for me because usually I don’t travel with others. I like to stay in my own aroma, my  own shelf but its necessary to change because we always need a break. We reached in afternoon from Kathgodam to Nanital via private Taxi. One thing I tell there would you see a bell in all Taxi and cars and when they passed any temple, they rung the bell. I love it.  Now We were in hotel and completely tired and In evening we went for the famous Mall road of Nanital. It was a good experience to travel with your partner along with other couples too. It was quite romantic. We visited Naina devei temple and den went for dinner and get back to Hotel. 

13 June 2017: We all went for Nanital darshan . We hired taxi to visit all places in nanital ..Good things were waiting for us like Mansa devei temple, Himalaya view, Lakes – so many lakes were there , Zoo but could not make it, fountain, Botanical Garden where different types of plants were organized and many more things. Till evening we all exhausted and just want to go Hotel . It was a cool place in mountains you can say upper part of the city but in the city, there was so much rush and hotness. It was summer time , A season for Nanital people’s.

14 June 2017: Next day we all went for Muketeshwar Dham , Gangunath temple where all devotes pray and makes some wishes for own or for family. Muketeshwar Dham is a fine place to visit but I like Gangunath temple where u can pray as well as tie bells on this temple. As a rituals its faith in people whoever comes to Nanital if he/she did not visit this temple,  their journey would not be complete .
People used to write on pages whatever they want in their life . I have seen many pages were there with one bell(Ghanti).  Wishes like I want to pass with good numbers or I want a govt jobs like these things were written on papers. I like this.

15 June 2017: Our last day in Nanital . We were on Kathgodham station . Everyone agrees to agree and waits for an opportunity to spend some time . Its always important to take care of other people wishes , Its your duty and vice versa. . It is our good luck we have been able to explore some fascinating places and learn more about the each other. Environment was very cool but there was very clear sun in the city if you were on top of the hill, u can feel the thandi thandi hawai but in the city there was very rush and hotness. U could not travel in the mid of the day. But it was a nice place and our journey was good . Now at 11 pm we were in our Home, Our Place.
We are in Delhi . It was a good tour and I enjoyed and somewhere I got frustrated actually this is in my nature because I don’t want to come from my Comfort zone. It happened to me because Mai aisa hi hu..(lol..laugh)
One thing special I am going to tell you 
If took A glass plate and throw it on the ground , It will be break.
Ok .
Now say sorry to it. (to plate).
Sorry and it accepted.
Did it go back to the way it was before ??
No.. Never??
This is the Moral of the story..
So thanx..  till dan have fun..


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