How to achieve your GOALS??

Hi frnds .. This blog belongs to all struggling people around the world . We knew, There are certain kind of problems when we are in the path of our Goal but Some achieve and some loose.  A person wants to pursue his / her dream but the question raise how its possible in this crucial world.
This story will introduce you a Graduate from Science stream , An MBA in Pharmaceuticals Management.
He was doing a private job , well established  and completely settled in his life.
But what is the dream of this person , he wants to be stand up comedian ya it's a true . he has created aroma around him n have the abilities to make a environment happy but did not complete his dream
Our story is not going to tell you what is the dream of this person , it will tell you how you can achieve your dream in your terms.
It was not like he was not enjoying his job , it’s a livelihood for him and we have to respect its as much as possible. This is the part of our journey because in this everybody to whom we met they will give u one lesson and its up to us How we will move on.
He decided not to go with the current job and switched to become a stand up comedian for living.
When he look back, he realized most of his education and career decisions were not by design
Even stand up happened rather  serendipitous . He had been writing regularly for over 10 years on a variety of topics bot the common theme was humor. Like we have all know Chetan Bhagat , He was a banker and how he turned into a Novel writer but what makes him successful was his passion, hard work and perseverance. While he tried everything from blogs to articles to full – length novels , no break was forthcoming.  His friend suggested him to go live like a open mic performance then we will analysis whether I m good or too good because he is not simply a fair in his dream he was too good in this .
All it needed was stepping out a little, meeting people and not being cynical. It was only when stand up started looking like it could be sustainable that He began the process of phasing himself out of the job.
He started with small targets like monthly income , job satisfaction and many more . His monthly income always exceed his expectations even in the last couple of months, He have started overtaking his last drawn salary. Apart from performing , He also produced shows under his banner, it is over 20 public shows  a month, it’s a lot of work which He do himself end to end.
He planned everything , He was hard working guy with good humor  and talented person. He loves his profession and that's why he is successful now. His family supports him well like Sachin sir said about his wife or Raju Srivastav said about his wife support towards him and faith in his talent help him all these struggling years in Mumbai. We always need someone and if its not there for us no issues we have GOD , dont worry about it.
If you love your work n you will be on top of it. Ya, Its true this period would not be easy but U have to be stand with your decisions . it’s the process. He did not regret the MBA or years spend on corporate  because through out in all these years he leant how to  be successful and One day he achieved it. 



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