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Hi Friends.. Once again I m coming with new blog. This blog will tell How we choose a boy for a marriage. Another observation around me and I can’t stop myself to write this new blog. I m writing some points regarding to become a perfect son-in-law.  Don’t be think I m pointing someone , Its related to me and my thoughts.
As of Now,  we have already entered in the modern civilization time but our thoughts are still not so modern and still following footsteps of our elders. I am a Newgen kind of person and personally I don’t follow anything until N unless it gives me something causing and something inspiring . Ya I don’t follow my elders thoughts and views blindly because I can’t accept fake thoughts and traditions.  Just to give up because we are following something or some one is not my type. We all tried to prepare  a girl for marriage and like this,  we also want to cash our son on his marriage, at least in Hindu society It is all about this . It is not funny but its . Its not silly but its… So how to become perfect son-in-law let’s see.
Look, that's the first thing that comes on the list while Indians hunt for a groom for their daughters- Money! Money, because it ensures financial stability and also speaks for your status, but not your character, which obviously isn't important. U were a complete mismatch but You have lots of money that is important. This is first thing which will make you Perfect Son-in-law. I have seen so many examples where groom is heavy rich but asking for Dowry because ultimately money is important.
For an Indian Society, marriage is nothing but a deal between two families. The deal, however, should actually be between the girl and the guy, but then who cares about their opinions or wishes? This deal involves "gifting" certain items (expensive, as we may want to call it) to the guy's family. People like to censor the word dowry and prefer to call it: Gifts . And I am also one of them.
Second : Big HOUSE. BIG PROPERTY. It's like an investment they had done throughout their lives and now they want a good return. Its for groom’s family perception . I have listened so many times that outside India when the boy started earning ,  he can buy a home for himself and for a family but In India we need home to buy a Boy for marriage because of his Big property.
Third : "How much do you earn?" Common question for a boy
This is the first question they will ask you even before knowing your name. Mind you, to this question the answer is only in huge figures and Answer should be in 6 figure or may be he has to follow his family business.
Fourth : This is the new item in the marriage business. Since people are a lot impatient now and unthoughtful, all they think and care about is themselves. They believe that elderly people can take care of themselves, and they don't need them unless they are ready to babysit their first child. Now that is thoughtful!
Fifth : You have to very gud looking either the bride is fat , fair or uneducated or anything else It does not matter. Because her father giving you heavy gifts so U can’t choice your life partner for life time. LOL..Well, of course. The package is more important than what it has inside.
Now bride‘s side also looking for very small family means u don’t have any burden of your sibling either like education or their marriage. Now Very mean people in market It means She promised to share life, not your burdens.
Sixth ?: Highly qualified = Highly paid
Engineer/ Doctor - Yes yes!
Artist - What the hell is that? Who knows them?? They are useful . In our society a bad engineer is far better than a good Artist.
Is there a reason behind why girls are married off at 24, but guys are usually advised to marry after 27? (Think!)
India is still trapped in the vicious circle of gender stereotypes. It's not just the woman who should know how to cook and it is not just the man who should bear the burden of earning enough. Marriage is based on individual choices and their reasonable expectations from it without any coercion.The present-day woman is independent, speaks her heart out, and expects to get treated fairly. Similarly, the man expects a woman to support and encourage him in whatever he has.
But in our society we always face that things Badhe jo karte hai sahi hi karte hai , “Another bullshit”.

But there are lot of people who look up the great prospectus above these things. Opening up about your vulnerabilities, your expectations from the relationship, your liabilities, and your priorities not only help the other person to understand you better but also clears the air between the two. Love, understanding, trust and sticking to each other's side during highs and lows are what that keeps a relationship going. If your father taking 10 lakh rs for her daughter’s marriage and she is still not happy because they are demanding more this one factor and another thing father find good people, do  good arrangement and because they are limited and they are happy .
Gifts ki desire wohi rakhtea hai jinhea khud kamane par bhorosa nai hota . and I can say proudly I m not one of Them. Money is important I know  we all know but more than our values that is wrong . Marriage is not always about romantic stuff, Movies, Candle light Dinner. It’s also about the motivation and support that you provide to each other. Its not about Money and highly paid job , Its all about love , respect and Caring.

Think twice to take Dowry.



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