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Hi frnds .. This blog is reality of Engineering freshers.  As depressing as it sounds, this is the state of most of the software engineers in India.
As many as 97% of graduating engineers look for jobs in software engineering or core engineering, only 3% have the suitable skills to be employed in a software or product market and just 7% can handle core engineering tasks.
Aspiring Minds (New Delhi based employment solutions company) conducted a survey, and the results rather seemed shocking.
You can see that a worrying low employability percentage of 3.67% has been observed for a software engineer - IT role. This is only because most IT companies are moving towards a new advancement in technologies where they require candidates who are skilled in computer programming and algos.
The studies also found that around 90.72% of graduating engineers do not have the desired programming and algorithm skills required for IT product companies, whereas 72.77% show lack of soft-skills and 59.40% lack cognitive skills.
The major cause is due to the drawback in India’s engineering education system.
Such as:
  • Outdated syllabus - most of the course contents do not focus on areas which will actually help in the job industry after employment. There is a huge gap between what the market needs and what Indian education equips its future employees with.
  • Lack of quality teachers - there are over 33,023 colleges in India granting degrees. There are not enough quality teachers for all of these educational institutes. Also, most of the educated engineers join teaching as a profession not because of passion, but because they have to earn a livelihood. The few good professors prefer administrative positions because of lower intellectual demands coupled with higher pay packages.
  • Lack of innovation - students should be given the space and liberty to think and innovate, to ask a question and come up with solutions. If a student asks a question in school, he is asked to sit down. But why? this is what is needed to be changed. Students should be inquisitive enough to ask questions.
  • Lack of practical training - every engineering student needs to have hands-on training on the basis of the problems they are likely to encounter in real time. One major problem with most freshers is that they have insufficient understanding of basic concepts.
  • Faulty education system - semester systems and the process of continuous evaluation does not actually fulfill the desired since most students are more focused on wanting good grades.
  • Having a brand name of the college - according to Aspiring Minds, most companies tend to visit only the tier 1 colleges to recruit potential candidates. This not only creates lack of equal in opportunities but also causes a deficiency of quality employees as this process ignores a huge number of meritorious students who do not study in top tier colleges.
  • Lack of proper English - around 73.63% of the candidates lack English communication and 57.96% lack analytical and quantitative skills.
  • They have a disregard for soft skills - every engineering student must know that soft skills have become a major part in the current industry and neglecting it would not be advisable.
So, what is an IT employability?
Despite the fact that the IT sector carries out the highest number of recruitment from the pool of engineers, only 18.43 per cent engineers are skilled enough to work there, while, for IT product roles, the numbers are as low as 3.21 per cent.
While it will take a lot of time to bring that drastic change in the education system, you just need to follow what most of the engineering students are doing today:
  • You just need to learn the skills that most IT companies are hiring for.
  • Once, you have learn the skills. The best thing for you to do is to work on projects and participate on some good coding challenges and build an appealing portfolio with all your work on it. This will give you weight-age in being shortlisted.
  • Accumulating all the projects and technical skills, you’re job ready - apply to some good product based companies and get hired in whatever domain you want to get into.
While you decide, I can tell you what all job domains are in trending today and what all technologies you need to master with. To get into Web Development (as a Front-end developer, Back-end developer and Full (MEAN) stack developer), you need to learn technologies such as JavaScript, JSON, Express.JS, Angular.JS, Node.JS, MongoDB, Python, Ruby and Cloud etc. Amongst all the job roles Full (MEAN) stack stands to be the most sought profile by most of big giant companies such as Amazon, Intel, Goldman Sach, and startups like PayTM, Uber etc. A Full stack developer in India earns an average of 5–6LPA in a product based company even as a fresher.
If you’re planning on getting into Data Science, I suggest you to acquire the skills such as Data Mining, Machine Learning, Statistics, Predictive Modeling, R, Python, Algorithms etc. A data scientist in India earns around 6–7 LPA as a fresher.
Remember the skills on the trending technologies is a must, then only you will be offered a lucrative salary in a good product based company or startup.
You can also use websites such as HackerEarth, HackerRank to rate your coding skills, this not only helps you practice your coding skills but will also give you a clear understanding as to how things work in real time. You can also use Kaggle and work on few data science projects.
Apart from these coding platforms, there have been some amazing MOOCs that have already started with curbing out the issues for most professions which also includes software engineering, big data and data scientists etc. To name a few, there is Simplilearn, Udemy and Edureka that offers courses and certifications on skills related to web development and data science. But certificates isn’t a standard option that will actually guarantee you a job.
There is another platform like Edwisor which also can help you acquire these skills in web development or data science. You can showcase your skills and talent through the portfolio and the projects they offer you to get hands-on trained (what recruiters are looking for right now). Plus, they help you get hired in product based companies.
If you’re looking for a job, I would suggest you to use edwisor and acquire these skills, since they are job oriented. I am sure you won’t be disappointed, give them a try!
However, you have the freedom to do research on all the platforms and take this step.
I hope this answer helps people looking for jobs in the IT industry.



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