Why I can’t get IIT

Why I can’t get IIT

Hi frnds.. This blog is related to all students of class12th stream specially for science.
This is the time when we all are looking for Engineering college or medical.
As I am also engineer so my focus on this blog towards engineering students. Skills speak louder than degree. This is true because  in the last U have to know your work. Means a student of mechanical know the steps how to change the break with 15 steps but if he /she did not know how to do it practically than its wastage .
Another point , if a student get 70,000 around rank in IIT-JEE(mains) and he is eligible for Advance paper but it would be worthy for him . No not at all, As we know IIT have only around 10,000 seats but they will do eligible more than 2 lakh students Why??
Because of our education system. A paper of Advance is Rs2600 and If we multiply this with 2 lakh. Now U can understand the point . They need to give top 10000 students admission rest all is fail. So according to me don’t give this eaxam but yes IIt Jee mains make you eligible all other engineering college , it will be helpful but Not Advance. You have to understand IIT is not for everyone.  According to views, You need to have critical thinking and extra knowledge to crack Advanced, which is difficult.
Next Point is about our life , We will struggle always like just 12th than just engineering, than just job and than no satisfaction.
This is the time to think what you want to do, what you expect, what are your limitations and your potential and what you choose and in last, what is your dream. I have seen youngsters rarely think beyond acquiring a degree and  that makes them employable . In this world multiple qualifications sometimes do not fetch you a dream job, but skill based courses can. This is the real requirement of our time. You have to sit and think what you want to do in your life. If a person has a strong belief in one’s abilities, it is not easy to convert the passion into a career choice. From digital marketing to cooking, acting to event planning, there is an appreciation of high level skill set in any profession. Our current curriculum does not allow us but we have to make it.

My blogs is just to think about your career , rest is all ok.


  1. Mera beta badha hoker engineering krega..is sentence ka kya hoga Bhai fir.....

    1. He can do but depends How he want to do..enjoy

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