Ek Tu Aur Ek Mai : Love in Arrange Marriage

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This is my new blog “EK TU AUR EK MAI”. It is based on Marriage and Love. Here Boy name is Jai and his wife name is Riya. They said that marriages are made in heaven, but I believed in destiny. But shaadi ussay karo jissey kaand milte ho , na ki Kundali.  Story teller is obviously Jai and Riya. Lets starts:

Part 1: Jai’s Story

When I was in school, I never thought I would ever fall in love and hence used to believe that whenever I get married, it is going to be arranged by my parents and I will have to make conscious efforts to “fall in love”. One girl in my class, I used to see her. She is darling, very cool and caring. We are friend but not so close obviously I am not that kind of person ever. I am in my world, have a dream and want to make my life big and satisfactory. I graduated from normal college and had started my struggle. After five years, I reached somewhere. I am settled now and have a good package, a very good package. I am confident and Now, I am looking for a girl. This is going to be arranged marriage.

Part2: Riya’s Story 

My life is so beautiful before marriage. I am an independent girl, my father is businessman and my mom is school teacher. They are not rich but we belong to middle class family. My goal is just to make my parents proud and want to establish myself. I did my school in my town and then graduation and get scholarship for PG. I started working in MNC. Being from a conservative North Indian family, I knew I had to get married soon. My mom gave me a year to find a guy on my own but I could never find one. It’s not like I never tried, when my best friend in college asked me out and I said yes. But we had different career goals and in our view of our own respective future, we never saw each other. For this and many other reasons, we decided to call it off and remain just friends. After this, it stuck me that love was not for me so I got serious about my career and surrounded myself with my friends, family and work. There was no space for a ‘’boyfriend” in my life.

Part3: Riya’s meeting with Jai

Riya is not so much bothered about it. She had heard that it usually takes at least 7-8 months to find a suitable guy after the search begins, so she was very relaxed. She enjoyed meeting guys that her mom asked her to. It is like going on dates fixed by your parents. She met 3 guys who were different than her. At that point in her life, She was very serious about, She had dreams written down and considered herself to be on the path to fulfill those dreams. She was looking for the same in those guys but those 3 were either very boring or all about partying. They were either all fun and no work or vice-a-versa.
Then She met the 4th one. This is where Jai entered her life. To be honest, She didn’t like him when he entered the café. His hair was messy and he was not dressed well. She told herself that looks don’t matter, She should let him talk. Oh and before meeting him, She went through his FB profile. He wasn’t very active on social media but his recent posts were majorly about his book which is going to be his future plan. When he sat and They started talking, she don’t remember the time but it was 2 hours and they both kept talking. Her mother had called twice after 45 minutes into the meeting as the last meetings never lasted that long. She truly do not know what happened to her , but may be she liked him.
Riya was not so sure about him, her point said that we were not so similar, infact after the first meeting, I thought we were very different. But, the fact that he had dreams too and was extremely interested in mine, got me! He loves biking and I told him that one of my dream is to ride a bike to Ladakh. He told me We will do this . His passion about his book and his dream I liked it so much. When my parents asked me if I liked him, I was very confused. I was focusing on some points that shouldn’t really matter. It got into my head for some reason that he would embarrass me and it was extremely difficult to get that fact out of my head. I did understand after 4 meetings that he is one of the nicest guy one can ever find and I didn’t want to lose him for some stupid thought. So I said yes! But I did not know what will happen next.

Part4: Engagement

Our parents came, they loved him and we got engaged. Jai is friendly with my father. Though He is job oriented person but showed very much interest in my father’s business and this is another thing which I like about him. I said yes but why he said yes to me I want to ask him. I really want to know. 
Even after the engagement, my confusion was not completely gone. In fact, I maintained my distance from him. I hardly initiated chats or ever spoke mushy to him. He made me meet his friends but I kept delaying him meeting mine for some reason.

Part5: Marriage

We got married and I became supper moody and irritated after that. I kept getting annoyed by him at every little stupid thing. But he never left his calm. He kept caring for and loving me.
We started our married life after coming back from our honeymoon. There were both fun and fighting times. At one point, my mom told me that whatever blockage was on my mind would go away after a year, after I realize that the positives which he has are way more important than the negatives. I took it seriously and worked on my behavior. I started putting a lot of effort in ignoring the things that made me annoyed by him. After a few weeks of consciously practicing this, I unknowingly fell for him completely. I was literally head over heels for him.
I realize that I probably didn’t want to fall in love in love with him just because he was my husband. I wanted to fall for him, for what he is and I am glad I did. This is the point I loved him lot. He never changed me as we all knew If someone loves you so much there is no conditions. Now I can’t live without him. I can say  that it really doesn’t matter how you find a person from the outside. It may sound very cliché when I say “beauty lies within” but trust me it does! You just have to give the other person the chance to show you who he/she is. In fact after letting go of all the stupid thoughts that I had, I can say that I enjoy his company more than anyone’s. I roll on the floor laughing at his jokes and I live my life to the fullest when he is around. He makes me want to excel at work, he makes me want to stay fit, he makes me want to have fun, he makes me want to live! So at the end, I understood that it wasn’t him who was boring, old-fashioned or whatever! It was me who thought I was some crazy adventurous gorgeous woman who could not see the funny and classy side of her innocent and pure-hearten husband!. I love him so much .
Finally, You have to settle first then whenever you start a relationship, give the other guy a chance without being judgmental and put in all your effort. Marriages are not made in heaven. There are no such things as soul mates. There are two souls that put in all their love and effort and make the marriage work! We have to complete our goals and then move ahead. Without goals or efforts, we will never reach the peak and that is where most of the love relationship had broken. We have to make our fundamentals strong.

Riya and Jai - EK TU AUR EK MAI


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