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Hi Frnds .. Happy Independence Day to all of you.This blog will help you to find out the future skills for any students who want to succeed in his/her life. I have categorized it into 10 points and list as follows1.Problem solving :  The skill to craft creative solutions to problems that are yet to appear is a must to keep up with Programming and AI.
2.Critical thinking : People who can turn data into insightfulinterpretations. A person who have ability to solve the critical problems.
3.People management : Robots may acquire analytical and mathematical skill but they can’t replace humans in leadership and managerial roles that require people skills.
4.Creativity : Randomness and the ability to build something out of ideas is a skill that will pay-off in the future. Highly demanding skills for all students.
5.Coordination : Effective communication skills will be in the top demand in every industry in the post AI era.
6. Judgment and decision-making  : The ability to condense vast amounts of…