10 things you should follow for better life cycle

10 things you should follow for better life cycle

In a philosophical sense, being happy could be just letting everything flow the way it is supposed to and just trust the process.
We often wonder about the meaning of happiness. But the answer need not be elusive. Being happy doesn’t just mean giggling to yourself every now and then, but it could well be defined as a feeling of contentment, knowing that everything around us is exactly the way they are meant to be.Happiness lies in very little bit things or efforts and can get from the way we want to live.

1) Because you believe so
Simple yet intentional changes in the way you think and condition yourself can reinforce the feeling of happiness and feeling content with what you do to keep yourself busy. This change will come from within and surely no amount of self-help books will awaken these at any point. It’s a road to wellness that you can own once you choose to sincerely embark on it.

2) Plug in your earphones and tune into some good music
Music is therapy in every way, and the feeling it should evoke is genre agnostic. While we believe that a peppy number with positive lyrics will instantly boost our mood, listening to sad music too is beneficial as it helps us focus on seemingly difficult-to-deal-with emotions and working around them.

3) Get a useful book
Books also have a huge healing power and it’s a win-win situation for both sides. Books never complaint and have no conditions, just try to engage yourself with useful activity. Once Sandeep maheshwari said live in your present time you will be happy forever .

4) Exercise
Just getting out of the house and feeling the sun on your back can be refreshing in so many ways and an instant boost for your mood. Even though you’re not much a fan of exercising, find alternatives to move those muscles so it helps both your physical and mental health. It is also believed that regular exercise is as good as taking in those harmful antidepressants. The solution is natural.

5) Sleep, as early as you can
A good night’s sleep is imperative in feeling perky the next day. So if your friends and co-workers are wondering what the reason behind your change of mood and the spring in your step is, you know what to attribute it to. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, is a catalyst for issues that awaken the unhappiness in you.

6) Gratitude
We all often use the words “thank you” and “please” out of a habit induced in us through the elders in our families. However, it’s fast being proven that being grateful for things are linked with happiness. Gratitude leads to positive emotions hence increasing optimism. 

7) Vent it out
You might hear the words, “stop complaining”, “you have everything going for you, why complain?”, so on and so forth. While we’re not saying that we must hold on to the negative stuff in life, instead of focusing on the positive, venting it out every now and then may not be a bad idea after all. Withholding anger and disappointment leads to a buildup internally this definitely comes at an emotional cost.

8) Dream
Simply follow your Dream As Sachin sir said dreams come true. Try to find yourself what you want from life and Believe in your self.

9) Positive thinking
This is a bitter truth, we will not get the all the things which we want in life. Its all about adjustment and compromise .
We have to stay positive and make the most of it whatever comes in the path. A Positive person never afraid of any situation and that makes him successful person. Every person who achieved lot will definitely go with life test and he/she should be positive person.

10) Smile
Smiling not only makes you look pleasant and feel good, but also calms the air around you. Smiling, as we know, makes one look attractive and it ought to be part of your personality.

This blog is similar to one which is published on internet some days ago. No copyright issues. Just read and accept the reality how to live.

Sourabh Gupta.


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