Celebrating 5 years of Sourabhgupta.com

Hi Friends, Today we have completed 5 years of Sourabhgupta.com. Its a day to celebrate that I reached here. Without your support and cooperation it would not be possible ever.
I am thankful to everyone. This blog is dedicated to my new portal in terms of content and design. I have shared last year successfully completed task with all of you.
This year has come with new scope and new challenges.
Now I am proud parent of RIYA , my daughter and I am feeling that my responsibilities just increased with some white hair. I am thankful to my wife , students and friends specifically my students without them it would not be possible ever. Abhi, Ajay, Varun, Rahul and Deeksha are five pillars of Sourabhgupta.com.
We all working together and helping each other. My website concept is to help genuine learners and growing together. I am still stick to my basics and for that thanks to my family and papa.
I am sharing one image where I mentioned what we have covered last year.

I have designed my website for students, specially for computer science. My website have been categorized it into 5 parts:

  1. Creative section for design point of view. We have App designs, e-mailer designs , web template designs and many more. 
  2. All web plugins will give you free plugins of HTML, CSS, HTML SVG, CANVAS, Jqeury, Javascript, AngularJS1.0, AnuglarJS2.0 and Framework7.
  3. Next section is Online learning:  Here we are trying to provide some notes on DAA, C language, Computer organization, Compiler design and the list goes on .
  4. Databank is useful for many students of management, engineering, English, Mathematics and etc. You can download free ebooks.
  5. Final section is belongs to Student helpful desk. It consists like MCQs. , Contact us form, useful links, Technopedia and many more.

After five years of struggle and hard work. I am here .
Thanks you all for your support.


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