Made in Heaven

Hi friends,  After a long time, I bring a new love story in front of you. This is story of Kishan and Siya and how they meet after 25 years of gap.
It’s bitter truth that marriages already decided in heaven , that is the reason my blog name is Made in Heaven
They were in school and going to college with strong friendship. They knew each other well and understand But there is caste difference. Kishan belongs to lower caste and Siya belongs to upper cast. After graduation Kishan was looking for job and want to marry Siya but destiny had some other plan for them. Siya’s family was never understand the relationship and they want Siya should marry some one their status and class and they did it.
(As a kishan) She was love of my life. After some time, she was married to some other guy . I lost contact with her. I lost me. I have joined a government job by then but could not continue due to loneliness and resigned within a year . Spent all my money for 3 years. I was smoking like hell. I was taking alcohol. I lost my control on me. I was sleeping in trains. I went to Varanasi. I stayed with my college friend in Mumbai for few months. My father gave a missing complaint about me because he came to place where I stayed and found that I resigned my job. I missed her every second of my life. We promised each other we will be together forever but she could not stay with me. I lost everything in my life. I want to gave up but suicide just not happened. She asked me one thing,  just one thing never die I am still with you. I am still in your heart forever.

After spending all my money I went to meet my mother. I told her everything and she stood by me. After seeing her I couldn't control. I cried for hours. She was scared as hell. She could not talk to me because of my condition. I didn't had bath for a month . Didn't shaved nor had a haircut for a year and half. As she was educated, she gave my Time to open up. My mother told me Be positive and stay strong, she said remember the moment you spend with her and you have to fulfill her wishes . She wants to see me successful person and I am was in shit. I told her all the thing happened to me. She understood.  May be she pretended because she doesn't want to leave me alone again. She supported me. Took me on trips. All she wanted was her child back and I was back. It took me around 1 year to stop smoking, stop vodka, to get back to my senses. I wanted to study . I joined followed by an MBA. Then I joined PhD in USA. My mother passed away when I was in USA.  A month later my father expired. I didn't want to leave the home where my parents stayed. I haven't gone to USA afterwards. I started teaching at a local college as I didn't have any money.
After few months I started to feel lonely again. The same loneliness which had hit me very hard in past. I didn't want to go there. I started doing my PhD again ( part time) from a local state University. I completed my PhD with in 3.5 years as I have already had experience of that. My guide knew everything about me. He wanted me to work as a adhoc at the University. I have started teaching in college and working in NGO as well. Still I am not settled but ready to help everyone.
I have seen so much respect in eyes of my student. We all are working and studying together and they all are like a family to me. Later on during regular faculty recruitment I got selected as a senior lecture at the Same college.It was exactly 15 years of her marriage. I decided that I will not marry as I was still into her. I was living normal life. Life was going good but It was during admissions I saw her once again. I was one of the member of admissions directors. I was given duty of talking to parents and students . ( Like counselling and all) Then I saw her coming . The girl who left me 20 years ago. The girl who became a bit old. She came holding some application form and some challan along with her daughter who resembles my girl. I was shocked. I didn't know how to respond. I just tried to behave normal. She recognized me. we had some casual talk. Formalities done and they left.
I usually teach second year until then the girl used to wish me in corridors. I didn't have her special importance because I didn't want her to get close to me but now I have started teaching from First semester to all. After sometime she used to come to my cabin and ask some doubts and eventually she became close to me. I felt emotionally attached to her. May be because I was emotional or may be because I am all lonely. I taught her 2 more subjects in following semesters. I don't remember talking to her about her mother. We were now like friends. I gave her birthday parties. I used to take her out. She started to date someone. I also met him few times. It was all like a family. And On the farewell day of this girls batch we were talking and we started talking about her mother.
She said to me Mom got divorced when I was 5. From then she is the one who brought me up all alone. I know she is all alone. I also know how you know Mom. I also know that you still didn't forget her . So, why don't you marry her? I was in shock but I knew she was talking sense.
Next day I talked to her on phone. It was around 25 years later I talked her. I realized that I should marry her.
I proposed her. She rejected. She told me everything how her family forcefully married to someone else but she was ready to give chance to her marriage but then her husband left. She want to meet me but could not connect and don’t want to marry again for anyone.
I used to go to her home. Used to talk to her. We cried together about ourselves.
We got married. For the first time after 25 years I am having a family. It is an fantastic feeling. I am very happy. I am finally living . All this is because of my mothers blessings.
So this  is my story and its true that it already decided in Heaven.
Made in Heaven.


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