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That Moment I Realized..

Hi frnds.. My new blog that moment I realized what is love. Its basically giving you one of the most important aspect of love.  This storyis all about me kritika , my BF soham and our mutual friend aakash. This is not a love triangle , just a story what happend between us. You know We met someone and fallin love with that guy but is it  true love??  Is it what we expect from our lover and if  it is not then what is love. We all were in college , me and soham  were in a relationship from school and went to college with same passion but one day I ended up kissing another guy. It happened  I was a bit surprised by what happened, that kiss felt... right. So, what happened? After being with my boyfriend for over ten years, I had started to feel that I didn’t love him. I got more convinced about this when I became friends with Aakash. Aaksah is mutual friend of me and soham. We would spend time together, all day in college and after classes as well. Because his PG was near my flat, he woul…