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Interview Learning Section

Hi Frnds.. We have completed 5 years last month. This blog is for freshers and will give you brief idea how to crack the interview. This is the best Ques Ans set which I have gone throughout my life. These are basically fundamental knowledge base questions. I am going to tell how to avoid silly mistakes and Answers them what they are really looking for.
Q1: Tell me about yourself A: Start with your name Give your born and brought up information Education in short Job experience if any or any training Family details in short Eg: My self Sourabh gupta, born and brought up in delhi. I am B.Tech graduate and M.Tech Post graduate. I have 2 years experience in Web development. I live with my family in Delhi.
Q2 : Why do you want to do work with our company? A: Tell them what you like about the company Relate it to your long term career goals Eg: Its a great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours. When i read about your company I found that my skills are matching your re…

Celebrating 5 years of

Hi Friends, Today we have completed 5 years of Its a day to celebrate that I reached here. Without your support and cooperation it would not be possible ever.
I am thankful to everyone. This blog is dedicated to my new portal in terms of content and design. I have shared last year successfully completed task with all of you.
This year has come with new scope and new challenges.
Now I am proud parent of RIYA , my daughter and I am feeling that my responsibilities just increased with some white hair. I am thankful to my wife , students and friends specifically my students without them it would not be possible ever. Abhi, Ajay, Varun, Rahul and Deeksha are five pillars of
We all working together and helping each other. My website concept is to help genuine learners and growing together. I am still stick to my basics and for that thanks to my family and papa.
I am sharing one image where I mentioned what we have covered last year.

I have designed my we…

The Story of Tessy Thomas

The Story of Tessy Thomas

Hi Frnds.. Happy New Year. This is an inspirational blog for all of us.
Tessy Thomas is India’s Missile Woman. She could have been an IAS officer; she even wrote the exam. But an interview with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) happened. She got through and was asked to join immediately. Today, she is hailed as the ‘Missile Woman of India’ and ‘Agniputri ‘(one born of fire) after the deadly projectiles she has helped develop.
The first woman to head an Indian missile project, Tessy Thomas has decisively broken the glass ceiling to make her mark in a traditionally male bastion. Having stood out ever since she joined the DRDO in 1988, she has played a pivotal role in India’s missile development programme, particularly in the making of its long-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile, the Agni-V. Tessy Thomas
Born in Kerala’s beautiful Allapuzha district to an IFS officer father and homemaker mother, Tessy’s first introduction to the amazi…