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One year with

Hi frnds.. My website is going to complete 1 year in next couple of months. I have received so much love from all visitors and my students . Thanx all of them very much . I m sharing new concept regarding my website.
Website will transfer from to . I have designed and Developed new section for my website . List as follows:
Complete Info:  PANDA  ABOUT   MY STORY   MY UI DEVELOPMENT   MY BLOGS   MY students   MY website journey   MY terms and conditionss  CREATIVE   Web Designs   Theme Designs   Banner Designs   Brochure Designs   Logo Designs   Card Designs   App Designs   Emailer Designs  ALL WEB PLUGINS   HTML CSS   HTML SVG   HTML CANVAS   JAVASCRIPT   JQUERY   BOOTSTRAP   MATERIALIZECSS  …

IT world Low to high

The IT industry is evolving rapidly , in the next five years. An UG,PG degree in CS will be incresingly commoditised.Against this backdrop , an M.Tech degree provides the much- needed differentiation. From my point of view a PG degree in IT is very essential for upcoming aspirants, either u chose Regular or ODL system u have to be good in Technology. First if u are doing B.Tech then go for M.Tech and if U r doing BCA then go for MCA. MCA is equivalent to B.Tech but for saying U r PG student for all.
 U know a Computer scientist would come up with lot of innovations and can enhance associated algorithm and for that u have to grab all concepts of Computer Science and Try to focus on Outputs.
For eg, in a DBMS course at UG level is sufficient for understanding of basics but at PG level includes mathematical concepts in the design and query language/concept.
Where You Can Focus???????
Computing TechniquesSecurity Systems and ApplicationWeb ProgrammingE- CommerceDatabase LanguageData Struct…


nEW Process Common Counselling for IITs and NITs can and offer "Best choice seats" to candidates as of Now:
currently , the IITs are using the seat allocation software was developed bt IIT Delhi; this software was updated in 2012 with the help of centre for advanced Computing.For NITs, Central Seat Allocation Board(CSAB) is using seat allocation software initially developed by C-DAC and then subsequently maintained by NITs. In addition, C-DAC developed the complete software for the proposed Joint - seat Acceptance committee (JSAC) , in 2013, in consultation with IITs/NITS. The software module, as developed by C-DAC has most of the functions except online counselling.Candidates have to Register online after the declartion of the JEE (Advanced) results.After registration , aspirants are allowed to fill the choice - filling form in order of preference from the list of available seats.The course allocation is done on the basis of the candidate's all India Rank he/she gets ba…

The Big Deal About E-Jobs

Hot jobs r  running around the world in every field, we just need to figure out . One of the areas where we can get high salary package is E-Commerce where fresher level to Experience  level we have lots of high.  you need 10 things to land an E- Commerce Job
Ability to thrive in a challenging environmentAbility to understand and prepare business casesAdaptability to changeClear and uncluttered thinking Customer obsessionExecution oriented Ability to innovateConfidante nature.  Knowledge of search engine optimisationlogistics managementOwnership.Effective coding skills Don't be afraid of failures, It will give you lot of lessons. I firmly believe that as we expand and grow in the country, talented engineers, and MBAs from good institute and if they have ability to change the world according to their  requirement they would survive in the last and may be rule the world.
We need good engineers , developers, technicians  and analyst and many  more . It dose not affect any one from wh…

A girl Without Light

Let''s make lots of MONEY

As per the survey of last week only 10% Indian University Graduates are capable of getting a good JOB.
Because we have lacked of skill students that's why we r not on the right path.. Degree is not the guarantee of your job its your knowledge and after that it will be your attitude that will help you to survive in this crucial WORLD!!!..
 First is Quality Education KnowledgeAttitudeBetter Time Management(Trust me it's very very vital for u and any one..)Learning a new skillsPower of Change. Giving up the tomorrow wali habbitSTEM skill is also important.Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. You know we all are using WHATSAPP in our phones . We knew what  WHATSAPP can do for us  but Do we know How WHATSAPP  Works????
  I m waitnig of any one reply,  who is reading this because whatsapp is brought by Facebook in Million Dollar Wo b iskea liy jo ki ek APPLICATION  hai nothing special but this is called the beauty of IT and may b u will be the next millionaire.. Ti…

What is Mathematics

Hi frnds .. this blog is related to mathematics. Mathematics is all around us. Its the silent part of modern world. It have two reactions in the world First one like either its  a visceral fear of maths or there is a complete awe. the middle ground seems to be largely missing. 
Why math is difficult:  The purely utilitarian need for math should be enough for the subject to be nourished and allowed to flourish. Areas of brain light up when a mathematician proves a theorem as when a person appreciates art or poetry.
Learning Math :  Mathematics at undergraduate level is very difficult from that at the school level. As a result, students are exposed to an entirely new way of learning maths which involve reading, writing and understanding proofs.
Making it Enjoyable : We need to teach students to be able to think , write, communicate mathematics and to be able to share the ideas.
Relevant Teaching : we need relevant teaching in maths. we can explain everything through maths. Its proved in ma…

A Typical B.Com Courses Scope:

U know Business and commerce drive and connect the world 24/7 - through goods and services produced, traded and consumed day in and day out across the globe. I m here once again to give u a chance to explore the world for U and for commerce students....
Business Economics: First area is economics of business . This area covers the concepts of laws of demand and supply , law of returns, elasticity and the theory of pricing under different market forms.Financial Accounting: It deals with the preparation of profit and loss statements, balance sheets and final accounts of a company, knowledge of Indian and international accounting standards , calculation of depreciation and values of shares and goodwill of a company.Cost Accounting: It includes making an account of process , job and contract costing , costing of over heads , standard and variance costing and budgetary control.Income Tax: It encompasses the nature and basis of charging income tax, fundamentals of tax planning, tax deductio…

What is a conversational AI

Hi frnds.. My new blog on Artificial Intellgence. One of the most significant developments in artificial intelligence (AI) is the development of tools that allow users to talk to a computer. This Can be a conversation over the phone , or an audio-visual interaction, a conversation with a humanoid robot, or even an interaction in virtual reality. The software and hardware tools that make this possible are collectively known as conversational AI. What is a conversational AI It is a collection of toolboxes with the most important one being natural language processing (NLP). It is a set of techniques used to comprehend natural language text, such as English sentences, and also to produce responsive natural language text. Human – machine dialogue is created through joint text genera work. Modern NLP uses deep neural network for text understanding and production. Another set of techniques are used for speech processing to understand spoken words and to generate lifelike spoken text. Conversat…

My website

Hi Frnds..This is my website. This website is basically for Computer Science students all over the world. My website will contain All Web Plugins, Creative sections, Databank, Online Learning, Student zone and many more. This website has one section which will tell you the my story. I m working in IGNOU since Aug 2012 and associated with Weblauncher company since April 2013.

Welcome to all of you in