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What is a conversational AI

Hi frnds.. My new blog on Artificial Intellgence. One of the most significant developments in artificial intelligence (AI) is the development of tools that allow users to talk to a computer. This Can be a conversation over the phone , or an audio-visual interaction, a conversation with a humanoid robot, or even an interaction in virtual reality. The software and hardware tools that make this possible are collectively known as conversational AI. What is a conversational AI It is a collection of toolboxes with the most important one being natural language processing (NLP). It is a set of techniques used to comprehend natural language text, such as English sentences, and also to produce responsive natural language text. Human – machine dialogue is created through joint text genera work. Modern NLP uses deep neural network for text understanding and production. Another set of techniques are used for speech processing to understand spoken words and to generate lifelike spoken text. Conversat…