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What is Mathematics

Hi frnds .. this blog is related to mathematics. Mathematics is all around us. Its the silent part of modern world. It have two reactions in the world First one like either its  a visceral fear of maths or there is a complete awe. the middle ground seems to be largely missing. 
Why math is difficult:  The purely utilitarian need for math should be enough for the subject to be nourished and allowed to flourish. Areas of brain light up when a mathematician proves a theorem as when a person appreciates art or poetry.
Learning Math :  Mathematics at undergraduate level is very difficult from that at the school level. As a result, students are exposed to an entirely new way of learning maths which involve reading, writing and understanding proofs.
Making it Enjoyable : We need to teach students to be able to think , write, communicate mathematics and to be able to share the ideas.
Relevant Teaching : we need relevant teaching in maths. we can explain everything through maths. Its proved in ma…