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Open and Distance Learning 2

Hi.. all of u.. Today , i will continue my previous blog ODL.
I have heard lot of about online courses and degree provided by many institute. U know its not safe , beware of online degree courses. Like the website of KSOU for instance, offer online , correspondence and regular face to face programme in its distance learning package. Even they knew the degree issued by them is not valid even the degree offered by the university would not be valid for employment as per the Indian Education System, but KSOU was offering such programmes to keep up with international trends. who is right or wrong???? I don't know.
IT'S a big question NOW??
Now another question  arise... are Massive Online Open courses really the future?????
From my point of view, it can help in ur studies but u can not take it separately and not in ur PG level education..

So if u r looking for Open and Distance Learning so think twice because u will find urself in problem after sometime.. bye tc.. have fun..