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Fight Tough Always : Never lose hope in lyf

Hi frnds.. once again I m coming with new blog. This is the combined story of one Buli Basumatary an National archery champion and Binay Kumar , A Navy Officer. They had faced  very struggle in their lyf but did not lose hope, Always fight.
She was an Archery Champion once but tym chnaged and now she is selling oranges in her state and living with her family. She said , she was picked up by talent scout as a class vii
from her school in 2003 . In 2005, she played national championship in the sub-junior category at Ajmer. She won two golds and one silver. In the following year she won another gold but the destiny have something else. She became ill in 2010 and unfortunately nobody cares . She have to come back to home and because of poor family her father could not do so much for her. Soon she married and became mother . They were also miserably poor and could not afford the equipment, Buli's husband is a daily wage earner and money was always short. About four years ago, i decide…