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How To Make Cool websites

Hello All , 

This blog will describe what to do or what not to do while designing a Website.

What to do while designing a website:

Keep your page organized and structured- Web visitors are impatient, if the loading time of the website is slow, web pages are in a  haphazard manner, fonts are difficult to read, and colors are annoying then definitely no one is going to stay on the web page. So to fascinate the visitors keep your web page organized  and  well structured thereby readers don’t need to move to another site.   
Focus  on what  is important- Don’t divert from your prime objective while designing a website. If you are designing the website for the sole purpose of selling the products then make sure that the focus on the home page. Allow yourself space on the inner pages to place calls to action for that specific item.  
Choose perfect color scheme-  Colors are the lifeline of web design, combination of perfect color works as a  first impression.  And colors are  also asso…