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Competition Vs Competition

Hi friends… This blog is Competition vs Competition belongs to all of us. Competition is everywhere means getting into admission in school to job, everywhere we face lot of competition and if you want to succeed in life you have to be very good at every aspect. My blog want to tell you what real competition for us . Like when I was preparing IIT GATE in 2011-12 , we have so many frnds who want to do good at IIT but only deserving one get the admission and we have to accept. When I was entered the class room I don’t know the single one but when I finished my coaching we all knew each other well. Some one special is very close to my heart and he taught me many lessons and today I m here because of his attitude and so much friendliness behavior. We were three fnds and other also wants to join our group but we three are too good. We never talked about competition or result or anything else we all are doing good in our own business and finally we cracked IIT GATE and now successfully runni…