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What India Really Wants - 2

Hi frnds..In my previous blog, I mentioned WHAT INDIA REALLY WANT. Statue of unity is proud of India, we all Indians respect legend Sarder Patel but my question is What is dream of Sarder Patel or What he wants. Let me tell you more facts about it. Location wise thousands of tribal will hold a mass protest against the statue because their lands were taken away. The statue is also made with the help of Chinese workers. But this isn’t be the first time Indian politicians have indulged in political vanity projects of building statues – albeit not at this scale. In the 1990s, Andhra Pradesh chief minister N.T. Rama Rao dreamed of a tall 440-tonne granite Buddha statue in the Hussain Sagar Lake. He was inspired by his visit to New York’s Statue of Liberty. But even before the statue was installed, it fell off the barge that was transporting it and lay flat in the waters for long, causing him much grief. Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also inaugurated a tall statue of Raj…