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Interview Learning Section

Hi Frnds.. We have completed 5 years last month. This blog is for freshers and will give you brief idea how to crack the interview. This is the best Ques Ans set which I have gone throughout my life. These are basically fundamental knowledge base questions. I am going to tell how to avoid silly mistakes and Answers them what they are really looking for.
Q1: Tell me about yourself A: Start with your name Give your born and brought up information Education in short Job experience if any or any training Family details in short Eg: My self Sourabh gupta, born and brought up in delhi. I am B.Tech graduate and M.Tech Post graduate. I have 2 years experience in Web development. I live with my family in Delhi.
Q2 : Why do you want to do work with our company? A: Tell them what you like about the company Relate it to your long term career goals Eg: Its a great privilege for anyone to work in a reputed company like yours. When i read about your company I found that my skills are matching your re…