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Made in Heaven

Hi friends,After a long time, I bring a new love story in front of you. This is story of Kishan and Siya and how they meet after 25 years of gap. It’s bitter truth that marriages already decided in heaven , that is the reason my blog name is Made in Heaven They were in school and going to college with strong friendship. They knew each other well and understand But there is caste difference. Kishan belongs to lower caste and Siya belongs to upper cast. After graduation Kishan was looking for job and want to marry Siya but destiny had some other plan for them. Siya’s family was never understand the relationship and they want Siya should marry some one their status and class and they did it. (As a kishan) She was love of my life. After some time, she was married to some other guy . I lost contact with her. I lost me. I have joined a government job by then but could not continue due to loneliness and resigned within a year . Spent all my money for 3 years. I was smoking like hell. I was tak…