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Skills needed for future job market

Hi Friends.. My blog belongs to aspiring engineers and freshers. We are in crucial world. Govt is not going to do any thing for development or education. I have seen so much wastage of money in unnecessary things but they will not spend on money on education. We have to do our self for safe future.

An education that places an emphasis on imparting skills over rote learning and memorization is necessary to ensure that the youth are gainfully employed what follows are five important sections that will continue to be in high demand in the Indian job market in the years to come. This is the right time to develop your own skills to survive in this world. These engineers are highly paid and spending lot of time to learn new technologies. I have summarized my blog into some highly paid jobs and there future is more secure to anything else.
1. Coding:
Coding or programming in languages such as JS or python has consistently been a skill that is in high demand. Many companies in the past few ye…