Hi Frnds .. Happy Independence Day to all of you.This blog will help you to find out the future skills for any students who want to succeed in his/her life. I have categorized it into 10 points and list as follows1.Problem solving :  The skill to craft creative solutions to problems that are yet to appear is a must to keep up with Programming and AI.
2.Critical thinking : People who can turn data into insightfulinterpretations. A person who have ability to solve the critical problems.
3.People management : Robots may acquire analytical and mathematical skill but they can’t replace humans in leadership and managerial roles that require people skills.
4.Creativity : Randomness and the ability to build something out of ideas is a skill that will pay-off in the future. Highly demanding skills for all students.
5.Coordination : Effective communication skills will be in the top demand in every industry in the post AI era.
6. Judgment and decision-making  : The ability to condense vast amounts of…

Ek Tu Aur Ek Mai : Love in Arrange Marriage

Hi frnds..
This is my new blog “EK TU AUR EK MAI”. It is based on Marriage and Love. Here Boy name is Jai and his wife name is Riya. They said that marriages are made in heaven, but I believed in destiny. But shaadi ussay karo jissey kaand milte ho , na ki Kundali.  Story teller is obviously Jai and Riya. Lets starts:

Part 1: Jai’s Story

When I was in school, I never thought I would ever fall in love and hence used to believe that whenever I get married, it is going to be arranged by my parents and I will have to make conscious efforts to “fall in love”. One girl in my class, I used to see her. She is darling, very cool and caring. We are friend but not so close obviously I am not that kind of person ever. I am in my world, have a dream and want to make my life big and satisfactory. I graduated from normal college and had started my struggle. After five years, I reached somewhere. I am settled now and have a good package, a very good package. I am confident and Now, I am looking for a g…

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