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Learning a New language : What you need to know

Hello students and other who are reading this "First Thanx" to all of U and I m here  to give you some fundamental basics of learning a new language and try to explore new Language world for U :
Make Realistic , Specific Goals: Find goal, best method is to break down into manageable goals that are achievable over a few months.Remind urself why u are learning :  Write 10 reasons why u want to learn new language becoz Motivation is usually the first thing to go , especially among students who are teaching themselves.Read for Pleasure: Reading was not only great for making progress, but one of the most rewarding aspects of the learning experience . Ignore the myths: Age is just a Number: Adults and children may learn in different ways but that should not deter one from committing to learning another language.Don't Underestimate the importance of Translation: Once you have reached a certain  level of proficiency and can say quite a bit , fairly accurately .try this always. D…