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Luv marriage vs Arrange Marriage : Get the interesting facts

Hi frnds.. once again I m coming with new blog. This blog will tell you some sharp and interesting observation between Arrange Marriage and Love Marriage. I m writing some points regarding marriages which i have observed so far. Dont be think i m pointing some one , Its related to me and my thoughts.

First point is completely related to our Families. Families plays vital role in marriage so first point is to which family or background we are coming . In reality , U belong to typical Indian society and as u are Indian u have no right to take decision yourself. This is 2017 and still we follow our elders and parents and can not disagree with their decision. I m not saying they are right or wrong i m just saying we are just followers. I have met with some frnds and they say blah blah about this so first point is devoted to our families.
Second :  If u want to make your parents happy then go for arrange marriage. Despite so many opposes , we have so many example where love marriage happene…