Hello frnds, This month blog belongs to IT field new scopes. Here you can screen your options in Information technology
After so many years in computer science I  find various field has many vast growth  in terms of money, respect, scope, future security and many more. I m here giving u some hot topic details so keep learning .. keep watching:
1.       Computer Architecture: Computer architecture encourages experimentation with designs for faster ,smaller and efficient computing hardware. U can see the best examples are our smart phones . Now a days a very fast processor, high GB ram is very common may be in future a mobile simply can win the race between desktop, mobile and tablet.
2.       Data Science/ Analytics: This specialisation is emerging as an important base for decision-making and strategic planning. Core modules of the course include data mining, data ware housing, statistical and quantitative analytics , artificial intelligence, collaborative systems using r programming.
3.       Web and Mobile Application: This specialisation integrates disciplines of arts and software engineering. The programe trains students in core technologies that are common to visual effects, web designing, web development, mobile applications, visual graphics , digital marketing, gaming, animation, adapted algorithms, cryptography, digital media, intelligent control and cognitive systems, interactive communication design, security and integrity of systems.
4.       Cloud architecture and computing: This specialisation is defined as understanding of “visualized networking” . Students learn to integrate networks of mobile applications, Android , IOS devices , business intelligence systems etc. Multiple technical platforms and apps work seamlessly together with the ‘cloud’.
5.       Computer Security: This field protects the transmission of all kinds of confidential information through easily accessible cyber mediums. Field specifications are like cryptography, network security, operating systems, digital forensics and investigations , network forensics, malware forensic analysis, developing secure systems , cyber security, advanced coding theory, managing information security.
6.       ROBOTICS: Robotics is at the core of all new intelligent devices and automation. It includes machine learning, Computational models and neural systems , gadgetry, humanoids, feedback control systems, robot kinetics, computer vision, human-robot interaction, mobility and control system engineering, mobile robots and statistical techniques in robotics .
7.      Assistive Devices and Software: Design softwares and hardware according to the prescribed requirements. In this field you will learn human computer interaction, biomechanics and motor control , human characteristics in  relation to assistive technology software development, product design and development, augmentative and alternative communications.
 GAME Development: Game development focuses on creating a simulated learning experience . U can learn from Artificial Intelligence , multiplayer game development, game engine, 3D graphics and rendering , immersive game development , computer animation and simulation, networked artificial intelligence, advanced mobile devices and game console, interface design , sound design for games, audio expression, critical theory and analysis of games.

These are so many fields in which u can pursue your dream according to your potential.  They are not just name they are complete stream  where you have to put your efforts to make it large or big .. so dont waste your tym follow your dream because dream come true bye tc.. till den have fun and visit