What is Right and Wrong

Hello frnds, Today I m going to discuss some thing about Professional courses. There are many confusion over this between  students n parents too , What is right or wrong ya which course I have to enroll or not.
My point is very clear if a seller , a tomato seller sells his all tomatoes in a day it means he is successful.
Scopes are different in all fields, either in professional or in educational, medical or agriculture. One has to understand the potential of itself Means I cant be doctor or Civil servant because I m limited N knows very well what is wrong and what is right for me. U have to understand the truth and your potential.
Professional courses are the basic build up for our future and earning. Now after, 12 th you can pursue your dream in any field just need to pass one entrance exam. U know entrance exam will give you the chance to get good course in highly reputed college. It means after getting degree u would be eligible for jobs. This is very simple thing to crack entrance exam at good level but trust me in India, To get degree is far easier to crack any Good exams.or Entrance exam.
I have meet with my Dentist Mr Jain. He is very good person and told me his wife is Gold medalist and did not get any Govt jobs. Indian educational system is not up to mark but in  last we have to do it in right way or in a very right way. 
Professional courses are about offering students a choice to pursue their interests and earn a living.
Arguments ranging from interests change over time to no stability should not deter you from following your dream. It is the high time to analyses and find out the what is best for you.
There are four fields according to me but person should be  cleared under graduation.
Now First option is what ever he/ she learnt throughout these years must utilized and find out one job. Its good base for career and learning because at this level one must focus on learning not paisa..paisa.. As Rancho said grab the concepts and get the excellence over it no rattu tota ever.
Second go for the higher studies. This field gives you the advancement and complete specialization to your favorite field. And One must go for Ph.D and Post Doc as well. This is the field to explore your concept and love towards studies.
Third one is for Govt Jobs. There are so many options in Govt jobs now a days. From SSC, FCI to IBPS there are so many options and they all are open for all . Some problems are there like their policies , reservation and etc etc but these jobs are very cool.
Fourth one is go with ur family business or looking for any bhaiya reference in any company.
I suggest u go with Studies and job or studies and live project training where u enhanced ur skills.
A student must have a certain level of maturity to study a professional subject. You have to feel the exposure of this cruel world because no one is going to help u.
If the ultimate aim is to look for a job, then a professional course at post secondary level will obviously save you time.
By selecting professional courses, a wide range of work options open for them. It is important for them to choose the options carefully according to their interests as students we must knew what our abilities are, so that we can set our goals.

Always ultimate calls should be your.
Nothing right and wrong its really up to us how we are moving and how can we make our decision right .
Till den have fun..


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