What India Really Wants - 2

Hi frnds..In my previous blog, I mentioned WHAT INDIA REALLY WANT. Statue of unity is proud of India, we all Indians respect legend Sarder Patel but my question is What is dream of Sarder Patel or What he wants. Let me tell you more facts about it.
Location wise thousands of tribal will hold a mass protest against the statue because their lands were taken away. The statue is also made with the help of Chinese workers. But this isn’t be the first time Indian politicians have indulged in political vanity projects of building statues – albeit not at this scale.
In the 1990s, Andhra Pradesh chief minister N.T. Rama Rao dreamed of a tall 440-tonne granite Buddha statue in the Hussain Sagar Lake. He was inspired by his visit to New York’s Statue of Liberty. But even before the statue was installed, it fell off the barge that was transporting it and lay flat in the waters for long, causing him much grief. Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also inaugurated a tall statue of Raja Bhojalong the Bhopal lake – obstructing the view for many residents. At the inauguration ceremony, Chouhan said he will try to bring back Bhoj’s goddess’ statue, ‘Vagdevi’, from the British Museum.
Modi Ji only took this trend a notch above everyone else and, in his characteristic style, aimed for it to be the world’s tallest statue. Most of the tribal who live in the vicinity of the statue, have already been displaced by the project. In village Waghariya that had an population of about 1,500, 15 displaced families have been rehabilitated in mud huts in an area with no amenities like electricity or drinking water. The rest of them are being pushed to accept land very far away from their homes. And few houses that remain will face submersion as water in the dam will be released for the inauguration ceremony. The Statue of Unity stands overlooking the Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River. The dam itself invited a lot of protests since its inception and same happened with the statue. Tribal in Gujarat have been protesting the inauguration of the project. Now, while the ‘Statue of Unity’ might be a great source of pride for most of us, I am sure, the humongous amount of money could be spent on other matters that require urgent attending to.
First build school sanitary complexes with proper toilets that remain functional for a while at least.
Second fund ISRO’s Mars Mission 5 times over and increase the relief given to Kerala flood victims 5 times over. Donate the amount to the entire North-East that is still suffering from heavy floods and the list goes on.
If Iron Man Sardar Patel was alive today, what would be his response to this gigantic blunder?  Once he said “My only desire is that India should be a good producer and no one should be hungry, shedding tears for food in the country.”
I have some more facts like India‘s rank in global hunger index is 103 out of 119 countries. India is ranked below many neighbouring countries, including china, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. IAS Armsstong pame, popularly known as miracle man in Manipur. Without any help from the govt he has built a 100km road connecting Manipur to Nagaland and Assam. We need some work like this first. Recently Chine made biggest Air Purifier because AQI is increasing day by day. But in India we think tourism is important than Breathing Air. In 2.0 movie, Pakshirajhan said no birds no human because we are killing our own environment. We have so many developed countries but they never harmed their ecosystem but we are doing without thinking for a second. We have to think about it.
Now look at this what we are doing. I have said so many times we are a developing nation and we have to decide what is our priority. In Japan, when bus drivers once went on a strike but continued to drive their routes while refusing to take fares from passengers! So keeping Japan on time but costing the bus companies gas on top of lost revenue. That is the way to protest not like we did in Bharat band and any other. We have to take examples from successful  achievements of our past also. Whenever we succeed because of our unity not because of system or religion or anything else. ISRO, DRDO, Indian Cricket Team , Reliance or any other firm,  you can see the difference they want excellence nothing else. But we are looking for Reservation . Reservation should be based on income, not any caste or religion.  
What India really want is opportunity for right people, We have to grow together, than one day we will be become developed nation because we have developed mind set. Everybody wants Rammandir, I too want mandir but 5500cr rupees will not given by Centre or state, It will be taken by every single person of India . If we want a mandir than we have to donate and co-operate,  we are already a developing nation and we can't invest our money on Mandir or statue that is for development of India not for this. So keep attention what we want , What India really wants .

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